Librem 5: Hardware Revisions Number

L5 Revision Number is printed on PurismCB.

NOTE: This Pictures come from @ppisa

  • Adicionally you can check the Rev ATM for Evergreen non usa edition by the image below.
  • For Evergreen Rev 1.02 - Rev 1.03 the box come without Half Moon.


Is the PCB revision readable somehow from the memory of the running device?
My box has this half moon cutout (to make it easier to pullout the upper part), i.e. I should have, right?

Not possible read on software. Normally this Rev version it comes on the label under the battery, but not on L5.

May it is rev-

Is there some correlation we can make based on the L5 serial number (e.g. L1520xxxxx - meaning 2020 year rev?) and the hardware revision printer on the PCB ?
@nicole.faerber, @dcz, @mladen can you give some official info on this, (pretty) please ?
I mean, even more useful (than just some version number) would be some actual HW revision “Changelog”; otherwise, we would need to do some PCB/case/component comparison, slowly and not really reliably.

@carlosgonz and @ppisa - can you tell us what digits does the serial number start with for this PCB Rev ?

In the end, as this is open hardware (as well as software) this should go in to the L5 Wiki.


It’s a good idea to reveal the Revision number by serial number, but that information is only in the Purism database.
It would be great if Purism enabling REV NUMBER CHECK on Purism Website. @Kyle_Rankin

Yes it is printed in PCB, check the picture above. But not worries to much for ECO revision GNSS fix, all Evergreen batch the GNSS work good it just that on last revision batch the g.n.s.s got better sensitivity. I guess that serial number L520#### it is for Rev1.02-1.03 and L521#### it is for Rev1.6.0.1

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