Librem 5 media (photos and videos)

No. It’s Aspen but switch cap could change in future batches according to Purism Mastodon account.


In the border of the chassis one can also see now an unfinished longish slot to slide in the SIM, I think. Seems that Purism still has details to work out and solve.

How come the earlier pictures differ so much from the more recent ones? Are we talking two different batches here?

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If they are really hand-made it’s a natural process that each consequent piece is better than preceding.


The cases are anodized now. The picture came from here:

“Aspen batch phones going out next will get an anodized chassis”


Wow! So a mere handful of people have received these ultra rare unanodized phones. Talking about a collectors item…


One thing is for sure: it’s a gorgeous phone! Thick? Yes, no doubt. But it looks the part.
The unpolished, grey prototype look sure is interesting - I wouldn’t mind sporting one of those - but the anodized version is much prettier.
I want one!


I hope that the version I will receive will be as blank as it is on these photos (no corporate logos or any kind of text on the case). The phone looks so epic when it is not cluttered with this stuff.


I appreciate the polished anodized finish of the housing, but don’t care much, because I’ll never have the courage to carry it without protective case.

is it just me or is it gorgeos because it’s thick ? :wink: some prefer em’ skinny some more meaty i guess :wink:


You do talk about phones, do you? :smiley:

P.S. Would be nice to know the actual weight.


Why is that important? Just curious?

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Because pants can drop with a heavy phone in the pocket. :smile:

That is not only a joke but reality. Also the weight is always important for mobile things or devices. I will probably carry the L5 with me together with my Android and see step after step which use case can be transferred to the L5. Also I carry a bag with a couple of other things around every day and I would be glad if the overall weight can be reduced.

Also my experience is that my first Android device (Google / Samsung Nexus S) was heavier than my current Android even the old was was smaller. I was an epiphany when I first got a lighter phone in my hands.


I fully understand! I am not in the habbit of using a case, but I dread that first-scratch-moment…

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You might be right there: it makes it look like a real computer!


i really hope that isnt a metal cover over the baseband antenna

I hate it, especially when I wear board shorts
It’s pulling it down too much on that side. Ripping the seams of pocket too :slight_smile:
Ever since I started using these phablets, I looked at it as incentive to keep it away from the body - it’s really bad radiation when it’s that close to the tissue for long periods of time :slight_smile:

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I think they just confirmed it is.
Maybe there is something we don’t know yet

Well I hope this phone works. Im already pretty far away from the tower and have a shit signal as it is . Metal covers dont help . I dont see why they didnt use a composite polymer or something that doesnt hinder the function of the device they are selling .

Ah well we’ll see . Worst come to worse I suppose I could send the cover into to 3d printer or perhaps plasma cut 90% of the back cover off and put a clear piece of something on it to display the guts.

I’ll figure it out but that kinda sucks im going to have to cut the cover up if it really is metal .


I would have to some tweaking too. In my house I barely get the signal through - every dB is golden :slight_smile:
I expect them to have a solution. Especially given how they messed up with WiFi signal strength in their laptop housing.
No way they gonna leave the fully closed frame and back cover all metal