Librem 5 media (photos and videos)

something tells me that that back cover holds a few misteries of it’s own in order to have a good reception. maybe Purism opted for a slit in order to circumvent the blocking-of signal … all speculation so far (positive or negative alike)


Connect antenna to metal outer frame, connect metal outer frame to hand, have human sized antenna, this is how rf works right :wink:


Years ago I got sciatica from an improperly balanced duty belt (it felt like my whole outer thigh was on fire!). We don’t think about it, but the little things add up and a few grams in the wrong place can make a big difference !


Thats what I’m talkin bout . Just solder wire to the antenna then same on the cover side !!

Yes of course, good point, but this year I already forgot (have to do something with my age) twice to take my wallet with me because it is very light (and my car very fast … just kidding) but something like that should not happen with my Librem 5 because comparing this phone, if allowed, with the heavyweight division, like in boxing, it looks great to me and one of the additional reasons (having had some hand-gloves size 10 that were still to small) to look forward to it, carrying with me everything privacy/necessary related in a pocket-size.

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i don’t like to act as an antenna but here i am …


This is why I didn’t put Evergreen on my batch list; I was worried it would have an FCC and CE logo.

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Click to see animation.


It depends. I usually walk around with heavy tools in four pockets. As long as L5 is not heavier than 1 kg it does not make much difference to me :-).

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I wonder if the selfie cam can be removed .

.Where is that from?

It’s a APNG I made from pictures generated by Purism on their repo, to illustrate future news and shop I suppose?


Indeed. A year ago, when the new website launched, a similar animation was already in place for a brief period:

Currently it’s only active on the laptop product pages:

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Yes, I also made my own animation at this time:


Good work! Can you please link to them?


This animation features buttons on the right edge, which I hadn’t noticed in the photos before. (They are there though.) I’d agree with the speculation in “Librem 5 — Bits n Pieces” that the 10 pin connector is probably where these connect to the PCB.

I was puzzled by the long, thin protrusion near the kill switches until I realised it was probably the SIM/SD holder.

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If care is taken to properly place and balance items, I’m in the same boat :slightly_smiling_face: I was on 12 hour shifts at the time and continuously wearing my ( stupidly unbalanced) chandelier of gear :slightly_frowning_face:

two would make it perfectly balanced then no ? :wink:


The models clearly exist, but no 3D models have been released yet :confused: . I asked about them a while ago.