Librem 5 media (photos and videos)


I wonder how it will compare to my OnePlus One, since my OnePlus One tends to idle very hot at times due to a couple of stupid, unoptimised, propreitary apps I have, as well as using quite a bit of battery.


Interesting video, but showing how much potential for powersavings there is left. Much work left to do. Perhaps should include a small USB-powered fan with the L5 :slight_smile:


i could only imagine that becoming a meme eecks dee


3 hours 41 minutes and 20 seconds. This is Chesnuts battery life with maximum (real life unusable) optimization.
So between this and Evergreen, there is only 1 prototype left.

-> I am REALLY concerned about the battery life.


It’s not a hardware problem but software optimisation.


That would mean 6 hours 25 minutes with the 3500mAh battery and with barely any real (software) power management in place.
I’m pretty sure there’s potential to get the idle power consumption much lower, hopefully to a fourth or less. Else, your real problem is not how to get through the day with the battery, but how to put it in a pocket without it dying a heat death :wink:


I don’t want to troll, but from around 2 hours (let says even 6 hours) to a whole day, it means a lot of optimization. To me (not an expert) task to succeed is like a mountain as there is only one prototype left. I hope you are right and that Purism team will succeed to make a whole day (and even more, because why not ?) of battery life.

About thermal issue, an idea should be a design change on the back cover. Plastic is good for waves transmissions, and metal is good for heat dissipation, so why not to add a copper/aluminium heatsink at the CPU location with holes on the back cover ? It implies new design cost and process, but maybe it can be a good compromize between full metal and full plastic solution.


Software will be updated long after the hardware updates stop (unlike many android phones, I hear). I wouldn’t call myself an expert but I’m a full-time programmer and I know it’s often possible to make big optimisations with relatively little effort – especially when you’ve been concentrating on getting the product out of the door rather than optimisation. Still, to go the full distance will take time.

Of course, the hardware does matter too: 2 hours 20 minutes on a 2000 mAh battery means over 4 hours on a 3500 mAh battery, without any software changes.

By supporting purism you are directly making this process happen, because they’re supporting the software in a long-term way.



It was nice to see him retract his false statements about the pinephone and make an accurate correction at the end.


That article says “4GB RAM”. Is that correct or a typo?


Yes, the “4GB RAM” must be a typo. It still says 3 GB here


Haptic motor working in chat :slight_smile:


Loving the constant improvements im seeing.



But why not red ? Or green ? I have 40-50 black chargers and it takes a lot of time to find the right one :-). Of course I have marked them with white text and coloured tapes and other ways. But it is not pretty …


A new video on Purism YouTube channel!

Librem 5 Video Reviews UK

This is one of my favorites because of the amount of stuff it shows :smiley:


Indeed! Really seems like the L5 is coming together!


How nice to see good videos before bedtime :blush: