Librem 5 NFC Support


I was wondering if anyone knows if NFC will be a feature on these phones? It won’t be a deal-breaker for me; I’ve been so impressed with the laptop they made that I have faith in the quality of the phone they will give us. It would be a nice feature to have, though.



Todd recently mentioned in the matrix channel that they are thinking/elaborating about adding NFC. But no promises at the moment.


Thanks for sharing that. I currently use an iPhone, so I may as well not have NFC capabilities anyway. Either way, I’m somehow still more excited about getting the Librem 5 in April than I was about getting my first iPhone.


Hm. does it make sense to add tracking technology to a privacy oriented phone?


Tracking technology like GPS? :slight_smile:

It’s a handy feature for mobile payments, and it would save me from having to buy another Yubikey.


NFC Support would be something that would need another killswitch (in my case I really don’t want my phone to have the possibility to interact with my bank account (except using the browser to manage it)), I think that by now the hardware specifications of the phone are engraved in the stone and if you really want NFC on a Librem phone you might have to wait the next version/revision to propose that.


In most cases, it is very easy to disconnect the NFC antenna from the back of a smartphone. No need for a physical switch for permanent disconnection.

Although it is unlikely that NFC will be implemented, the specifications are far from being fixed at this time:

Will the phone have NFC technology?

Most likely not. We want to have a metal case and that is already a challenge with the three other antenna systems that we have to support: Cellular, WiFi/BT and GNSS (GPS…). NFC Antennas, likewise wireless charging, are pretty large. Last but not least they add another radio emitter which can cause additional EMC issues.


We are 2 months away from the estimated start of shipping so I would be quite surprised if by now the specification would not be fixed.

Well I would still prefer a physical switch, that way I can have it disabled 99% of the time but I can enable it when I want to mess around with my Switch or RPi projects.


Read the FAQ.
2 weeks ago it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced an extra delay: