Librem 5 NFC Support

actually dont . I just read carbon fiber sgnifigantly blocks cell phone signal .

Since it would be a case manufacturers choice to partner with a phone manufacturer on whether they want to put out the expense I just wrote mozo and asked them to team up with Purism on the Librem 5 and that no one makes a case currently so they could corner the market with probably 1 production run ,


My Samsung lets you add NFC by buying a battery that adds the coil, and it lets you add wireless charging by using a back cover that supports it. Librem 5 could do something similar by making sure that the necessary pins are broken out to support this. Maybe they can expose an I2C bus or USB port via pins or something, along with something for charging the battery.

I thought about this also. Making an alternative backcover should be possible.
maybe even a metal one withe the antennas coils on the outside with a thin plastic foil over it. Think durable plastic like screen protectors but in the color of the case.
Battery solution probably wont work as the back is said to be metal.
The biggest problem seam to me the connection. Where to add the data port of nfc and power. The USB-C port is rather more complicated than micro-USB as it has alternate roles and QC which needs negotiation for the protocols to use. Adding wireless charging to a micro USB was quiet easy. For USB-C i don’t think so.
So it will highly depend on the pcb lauout and if there are suitable points to add such things as additional power and data interfaces.

@Some_dude36 : Just wondering, did you get any response from Mozo?

I did not get in on the -$50 discount run, some things just have to come together before pulling the trigger.

I actually did , I meant to post their response but seems I deleted the email .

I’ll paraphrase the response I got

" We dont have any plans as of yet to manufacture a case for the Librem 5 but we are certainly open to suggestions from our customers and I will definitely bring this suggestion to our marketing team for review "

Is basically what they said .

So thats a positive , while they aren’t making them now sounds like they are open to the idea as I advised them as you saw no one was making cases yet .

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Thank you @Some_dude36 for bringing the opportunity to Mozo’s attention and for reporting back!

I’ve been using the Mozo for years now after having used several other brands. Mozo combines integration of the phone in the covers making it impossible to fall out whilst hardly adding any thickness to the phone AND offering wireless charging and NFC features. It would be great if Mozo would be open to manufacturing cases and other accessories for the Librem 5.

Thanks again!

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No worries. I too am a little worried about not having a case for a 650.00 phone myself . But worst come to worst Im going to get a clear TPU rubberized case with similar dimensions to the L5. cut the 4 corners off . Cut an L and a 5 out of the back of the case and use some sort of clear non-permanent adhesive perhaps something like hot glue gun glue and adhere the 4 cut off corners to the 4 corners of the L5 and glue the L and the 5 to the rear side in a vertical staggered formation so I have atleast some protection .

If I’m careful doing it it ought to look pretty cool too from the image I have in my head of the finished product .


No doubt there will be some nifty creativity going on once the exact dimensions are known. Your idea sounds good. I do think however a phone like this deserves to have its basic specific accessories available right of the shelf, especially when it ought to be competing with existing OS and draw the targeted audience attention towards the Librem 5.

Well , I think someone will make an official case for it . I mean they could do one 10k unit production run and and corner the market and make some money doing it if whoever was the onely one making cases .

Who knows maybe mozo will pick up that slack . I hope so . Theyre cases are cool .

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LIstening to this interview, Todd wants NFC because he wants the L5 to be a cryptocurrency hardware wallet you can use at point of sale.

HIs ideal wallet would convert Monero to a one time use credit card that would be used with NFC


In that case the aforementioned covers would be ideal for that purpose. I have found their covers, which include NFC and Qi wireless, to work extremely well.

I cannot find the word NFC in the final specs so does that mean it is not supported?


Let’s hope that if cryptocurrencies catch on for use as normal money we can pay with QR.

It’s a shame Librem 5 don’t support NFC.
Librem 5 is an awesome concept, and not having this is a deal breaker for created a Javacard as a cryptocurrency wallet, which can be controlled by your phone. It’s like a hardware wallet, but it uses a trusted software running on your phone and NFC.
Everything is free and open source.
Currently having to relay on closed software/hardware smart phones is hurting my principals and I want to switch to Librem, but I need NFC.

You can get NFC over usb as an external dongle, not great for all use cases, but worth considering for some.


Let is revive this thread to: Would a USB NFC reader work with Waydroid on the L5?