Librem 5 Price TTC by country

@ajlok, thanks! By the time Evergreen batch of the phone will reach EU basic price of it will be $799.00. For DHL Express (option A) minimal Kapitalbereitstellungsprovision should stay the same: 2% (min. 12.50+VAT=14,88 Euro), without 6.00 Euro Postgebühren, if I’m right as not working for DHL. With option B customer needs to pay Kapitalbereitstellungsprovision calculated with minimum of 2% on top of $799.00 + VAT, plus eingeführten Gebühr: 28,50 Euro for any package, plus 6.00 Euro Postgebühren. Here is draft calculation of mine (German customers, please correct me if I’m somewhere wrong):

A1 = 799+30=829+2%=845.58−829=16.58+16%=19.23 / 799+16%=926.84−799=127.84 / 799+19.23+127.84=946.07−799=$147.07
A2 = 799+30=829+2%=845.58−829=16.58+19%=19.73 / 799+19%=950.81−799=151.81 / 799+19.73+151.81=970.54−799=$171.54

B1 = 799+2%=950.81−799=15.98+16%=18.54 / 799+16%=926.84−799=127.84 / 799+18.54+127.84+28.5+6=979.88−799=$180.88
B2 = 799+2%=950.81−799=15.98+19%=19.02 / 799+19%=950.81−799=151.81 / 799+19.02+151.81+28.5+6=1004.33−799=$205.33

NOTE: Those are just numbers where 1.00$ equals (sort of) 1.00€ (in bold).

DHL Express:
Option B (DHL):

EDIT: Of course (kind of) I made up calculation like I pre-paid extra $30 for DHL Express delivery, but reality is how we (customers or vice versa) might understand: “The increased interest in our products is also the reason why we are now able to deliver worldwide with free shipping …” (March 28, 2018).