Librem 5 PureOS Store Uninstall app

Once installed cannot uninstall PureOS app from the store. I assume these are flatpacks but flatpack commands in the terminal do not work.

Ideas how to get rid of apps installed manually?

e.g. uninstall Evolution

If you installed at the shell with

apt install package

then uninstall at the shell with

apt remove package

(remove software but keep any related system configuration or settings)


apt purge package

(remove software and related system configuration or settings)

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actually installed on poureos store thats what is confusing. the pureos store says no packages to remove even though it shows as installed eg “Evolution”

If you have Librem 5 Goodies installed (do you?) then (on my phone) that depends on parts of Evolution.

Probably best to leave it.

i have goodies installed, for some reason though nothing uninstalls, that was just an example, “Password Safe” also doesnt uninstall.

I guess: Find out the exact package name and use one of the above apt commands. At least you might get a clearer idea of why it doesn’t want to uninstall, if it still refuses to.

That worked for me, it would be nice if the PureOS store made it easier to see which apps can be uninstalled from within the pureos store and which require apt terminal function.

  1. suggestion to have an “i” icon for each installed up that shows things like package name, installed location, installed manually through PureOS store, installed manually through terminal, installed as part of PureOS package install.
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I haven’t looked under the covers but I would guess that

  • it can’t tell whether a package was installed via the GUI or installed via the terminal
  • it can tell whether the package was installed manually (explicitly) or installed to satisfy dependencies for something else

We also have to allow the possibility that what you are experiencing is just a bug.

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The PureOS Store is not very good, needs work. Thoughts so far, of the current version…

  • if updates need to be “dist-upgrade” it doesn’t seem to be able to update
  • it’s not able to remove software
  • if there are dependency issues, it gives no solution or info
  • categories are slow to load or don’t load at all (no apps appear after waiting), and the categories themselves are not intuitive (more would be better - there already are some “Other Categories”, which are empty)
  • can’t see what updates have been applied, when and what changed (only available when updating)
  • activating (warning) and managing flatpaks, snaps or other PPAs should be baked in to one - this is not it (would be nice to be able to set boundaries to apps when or even before installing them)… and on that note, I think there should be some kind of guide and link to managing webapps too (“one stop shop” of everything app related)
  • and as was already mentioned, there seems be no settings, such as if and when to check and possibly download an possibly install various updates
  • no indication if new apps are available or if new adaptive apps are available

I want to add some further issues:

  • Going in PureOSStore --> Software Repositories under Packges I can see Byzantinum + sceurity + updates. In the subtitle it is written: 0 applications installed (which is not the case -.-)
  • I added Flathub so the repo is also mentioned in PureOSStore --> Software Repositories, but the slider button is inactive
  • Going in GNOME Settings --> Applications no applications are listed

Another question:
Is it possible to purge PureOS Store without crashing the system because of its dependencies? I tried apt remove instead apt purge and also saw a lot of necessary apps which will be removed too. So, finally I decided not to delete it.

Hey there,
I could resolve the last point of my old post. You can find the problem here: GNOME Control Center - No Applications

The solution is to install malcontent: sudo apt update && sudo apt install malcontent

My system at the moment of the problem: PureOS Byzantinum + Kernel 6.1 + gnome-control-center 38.4-1pureos7

Sadly I have not found any solution for the other two points I marked in my old post. See what the future brings…Maybe some app upgrades in PureOS itself XD