PureOS Store broken state?

So this is not a complaint, more of an informational question. I am comfortable in the terminal as I have been on Linux Mint for almost 2 years now. But the graphical PureOS Store has some problems. At least one of the problems I have had appears to be covered here which makes me more confident it’s not just me. And I’m more than happy to wait if these are know issues that will be patched down the line.

Here are my issues:

  1. I cannot update at all through the store app. It will check for updates and it will act like it’s trying to install them but will ultimately revert back to the state where it indicates updates are available.
    Current solution: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
    This has worked flawlessly every single time (except for those few times I forgot I had my WiFi kill switch on… :joy:)
  2. I can install apps through the store app though it is painfully slow both to search and install, however, removing an app ends with the error that the package was not found. This may actually be related to the first issue since if I go into software sources on the app, it also indicates there that zero packages are installed even though there’s no way that’s true.
    Current solution: Use apt through the terminal

While I am more than ok with the current solutions and I love having the power of a terminal at my fingertips on mobile, I feel that the target audience which I assume is people who care about privacy but still want a relatively easy to use mobile device will not all agree and will have these experiences and write the device off as “broken”. My main question here is basically, are these known issues that will be fixed eventually, or is this just me with a broken install of PureOS?


Do you by chance have flatpack setup and are using a vpn? I’ve seen similar issues when I try to update when connected to the librem tunnel vpn

Nope, neither unless it’s on by default. My phone is basically vanilla except for the few apps I installed. And I installed most of these with apt via the terminal so those can’t possibly be flatpaks.

You’re not the only one. That shop is so iffy (updates are one thing but the shop content is… and usability is worse) that I’ve been ignoring it. Apt(-get) is the way.


I cannot for the life of me figure out why someone can’t run the apt commands in the background and then display the output on the gui portion. We know the apt commands work, and they work efficiently. So what in the hell is the gui store doing that across multiple distros and versions of the gui store, it is slow, unresponsive, breaks, and fails at simple tasks?!


Yeah no idea either. For now I’m good with using the terminal though. It works and it’s wayyyy faster.

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I also had some early day failings with the store. I avoid it and default to the terminal now. (I would like to provide more data, but sorry I don’t remember anymore. Figured at least adding a +1 would be better then not commenting)

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