Librem 5 Pureos Store Upgrade Seems Broken

Using the Pureos Store graphical app:

“Loading Updates… this could take a while”

Two hours later: “Loading Updates… this could take a while”

Three hours later: “Loading Updates… this could take a while”.

How do I get updates to work again?

Also, how do I repair the Pureos Store? All app categories are only empty boxes with three dots in each box. No apps are listed anywhere there now. I might have broken it when installing the whether app. The app froze up. The app wouldn’t close (kept bouncing back when swiping all the way up). So I rebooted the phone to force the app to close. Now the store is broken.

Neither sudo apt update nor sudo apt upgrade help.

At one point something I did (can’t remember what) showed locked files, with a warning that forcing them to unlock might damage the operating system. So I just closed the terminal window.

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I’ve experienced this for so long I’ve come to think of it as default behavior for the “store”. It’s just horrible in design, name and function.

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That is true. But this seems to be the case for almost all stores on linux distros I have installed (on computers). I don’t know what it is, but they almost all suck. PureOS is no exception. Terrible.

Works way better than it used to. If it fails to start or spins an endless donut, I kill “Software Installs” from Usage. But then I only use it for discovery and rarely to uninstall something – I always update from the terminal.

Still, I have to wonder why it works so well on Armbian, Mint and Ubuntu, but not on the L5. :man_shrugging:

Does it work right on the L14?

It’s because it is just GNOME software with few modifications. It is relatively old in Byzantium and should be much better with the next PureOS release crimson.


Yes. I use GNOME Software on my Fedora desktops, and it is way faster and more reliable than the rather old PureOS Store fork of it. I have the feeling that especially having flatpaks installed makes the application less reliable.

This issue is in my bookmarks to provide quickly the link here in the forum :slight_smile: