Librem 5 Qubes?

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@weirdnerd as your question is unrelated to the thread you asked it in, consider this thread a gift for such a discussion.

Realistically qubes is built around the x86 ecosystem and I don’t see it being ported to arm anytime soon, but in the event it were ported I could see Purism offering it as an option.

Or get in contact with some developers and pay the arm port from your own pocket :smiley:

Looks like Christmas came early this year.

Qubes is based on Xen, and it looks like Xen already functions on ARM architecture.

From the Xen wiki,

So maybe Qubes wouldn’t be so difficult?

See the FAQ:

It will not run on Librem smartphones — Qubes OS requires virtualization on the CPU and there is no port for ARM architectures.

Also, 3 GB is too little for Qubes. 16 GB was not enough for me, upgraded to 32 now.


Qubes-lite With KVM and Wayland

There is a discussion on Hacker News

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I suppose a slightly obvious preliminary question to ask in relation to this is: Do the CPU cores in the Librem 5 actually have any virtualisation features?

This seems like something that would probably not be too difficult to answer by digging through datasheets, but I won’t be the one to put in the work.