Librem 5 Success

Is there any long term owners of Librem 5 , who are happy with there Librem 5 and use it as a main Mobile/Cell phone?

I am asking this as I see topics on the problems of Librem 5 rather then the people who are content with it.


Check recent threads about this very same topic.

How do I find recent treads?

Sorry of this sound like a silly question. This forum can be a bit confusing to me.

I happy with Librem 5, it work really good, i will never compare the L5 with Android/Apples devices funcionalities, because it something very different.

I am also happy with Purism on the development and management of the L5. To me L5 is the best gnu+kernel phone up to date.


I’ve been daily driving it for months without any backup phone. Still needs a lot of polish, but it’s steadily getting there. Overall very happy with it.


There’s a magnifying glass icon at the top that some people seem not to recognize as that :slight_smile:
If you type in “daily” you’ll get plenty of threads about people (not) using the L5 as a daily driver.
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Personally I don’t, mostly because of the battery duration, but I might try at some point in the not too distant future.


Click on the magnifying glass, then click on “Options,” and enter a search term, such as “daily,” “daily driver,” etc., then change the “Sort by” box from “Relevance” to “Latest Post.” Browse the results.

Or, since those posts are very recent, you could just scroll a few pages of thread titles from the last couple of weeks to find those particular threads.

Hint: The answer(s) will depend greatly on which region you live in (e.g. VoLTE requirements), what your specific phone needs are, and whether you’re willing to put up with some minor-to-significant issues and/or annoyances while the software is improving.


Amarok is correct in that it depends on your use case. It can provide the basic functions of a phone and a portable computer. That’s all i really need from both a phone and computer so it is fine for me, but maybe not others


And usually good to select Categorized as “Librem 5” in order to limit to that device (/ category / subforum).

and yeah, since that was specified, select Posted after and choose a date for your definition of “recent”.

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Until few days ago the modem was not able to pick up calls when waking up from suspend so I had to keep it charging most of the day. Now with two unreleased changes in ModemManager I can keep the phone suspended and have it good battery life. Today I had the phone fully charged in the morning and by evening it was still at 50% and I had some missed calls and called back a times - not very heavy use. But this is huge improvement. I still have an android phone for emergencies but this phone is now working most of the time and I’m using it as my primary phone. It is still not 100% reliable yet, sometimes I still have to force reset the modem. I can see slow but steady improvements and I’m sure these issues will also get fixed soon.


There is an upcoming kernel fixes for this.
Now i testing the new sound pattern for Librem 5, fancy improvements.



I used my L5 for a year and a half. The issue that made me stop was when my carrier eliminated G2, G3, G4. The L5 has no G5. I attempted several times to send the modem commands to have it utilise 4G-LTE(voLTE), but it never worked. I went back to an analog flip phone. You couldnt give me an Apple-iPhone or a Google-Android. Hoping that Purism fixes that issue in the future.

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:open_mouth: Can you tell us the the name of the carrier that eliminated 4G?

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AT&T in my US region eliminated /regular/ 4G in Jun of 2022, and only supports 4G-LTE(voLTE) and 5G.
My L5 has been inoperable as a cell-phone since.
I will stand by Purism and L5. What Purism is doing is critical to freedom on this planet, daring, resourcfull, & /emensly/ difficult. I can and will wait for there to be a fix… I am trusting in Purism engineers to continue to be AWSOME at thier jobs !

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So to be clear are you saying that cellular data works but calls don’t or are you saying that neither cellular data nor calls work?

I could not connect to any tower for any purpose.
I revoked that sim w/ATT and got a new sim withan analog flip phone.
If/when Purism provides a fix, I will have to go get a new sim. Will try patriot-mobile, first.

Then this may not be a VoLTE issue and may not be able to be fixed in software. It may be IMEI restriction i.e. the problem can only really be fixed by the MNO.

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FWIW on dark mode on my phone that’s near impossible to see and I know it’s there.

thank you. I could try another carrier… BUT there was this forward leaning post from fiacco: "It need install: 11
after install execute: sudo usermod -a -G dialout purism then reboot, then will see an app on Home, in order to work it need the modem enabled with sim card.
in this forumn : VoLTE support progress
Potentially this may also help the Modem to be more flexible/responsive/adapatable??? i.e. “work” in these restrictive carrier environments.
That “fix” is supposedly very new, not “fully” tested out yet…I will watch and wait and hope.

It not need anymore do: sudo usermod -a -G dialout purism then reboot.
Just install the packages .deb that is it.
Download the newer version, still hot: