Librem 5: Todd Weaver Interview (Late Night Linux)

One week ago, Todd was interviewed on Late Night Linux, mostly on the Librem 5.
They had good questions that also came up here in the community, so for your convenience I created some kind of TOC :wink:

30:20 Campaign recap / enterprise customers
36:40 Why PureOS (not AOSP) on the Librem 5?
38:30 Funding for a base platform for the future
39:30 Team growth / onboarding / weekly news updates
40:35 Plasma + Gnome: which API to target?
… Write once, skin twice / write once, run everywhere
43:50 Plasma, Gnome, UBports: lack of focus?
… 95% of development shared non-ui code
47:30 facilitating UBports, Replicant, Lineage, CopperheadOS (hardware enablement)
49:55 internal dev kits - i.MX8 end of February
50:49 final spec

… FSP reverse engineering,
… tamper proofing, TPM, Heads

55:30 Linux on phones
… crowd funding, businness model,
… social purpose corporation
1:00:30 Shipping date Jan 2019?
1:03:45 summary, follow-up interview 2019-02-14
1:06:12 tablet situation - supply problems


If you prefer a downloadable podcast (instead of youtube):


Another great interview with Todd. I knew they were going to push him on the focus of Plasma vs Gnome on the phone because that very point came up on another podcast. I still don’t think they fully get the focus of what Purism is trying to do on the grand scheme since they seem to be mired in the Librem 5 filling the spot that the Canonical phone left open.
Anyway, it was interviews like this and others that convinced me to invest in a Librem 15. Great vision, focus and marketing of great products. Cheers