Librem 5 USA - Read Before Ordering

The charger supplied with the L5 has printed on its side, "PD 3.0 Output 5V@3A, 9V@2A, 12V@1.5A; Total Output 18W (max) ".
I bought two PD 3.0 car chargers that seemed to have the right specs:

Although I haven’t performed a detailed analysis on the charging performance of these, both seem to keep the L5’s battery percentage maintained while the L5 is turned on and operating.


I have to run Teams on my work computer too. The llinux and other dekstop clients are electron based and consume an unreal amount of battery and are not adaptive :frowning: Not sure what I’m going to do about that myself either.

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Beginning with an 83% battery charge, and connected to the VENA PD 3.0 car charger, while playing a podcast on Kast, with wifi on and cellular on, on a 40 minute drive, the L5 battery ended up with a charge of 97%.


Nice, thanks for the update.

Automatically, yes. But you can always override the input current limit manually to a value within the specs of your charger, so PD is not a strict requirement there.


For the record, the important value to look for is amperage provided at 5V. To be able to comfortably charge while using the phone, you need at least 1.5A there (and ideally 2A or more). Currently Librem 5 does not use any other voltages than 5V.


@dos will no doubt correct me if I am wrong :wink: but the charge current tails off quite significantly as the charge percentage rises, at about that charge percentage. If you “do the maths”, you can see that that is actually quite a low average charge current over the course of your drive. (It would be nice if the GUI exposed the instantaneous charge current, and voltage for that matter, somewhere.)

So … you need to begin with, say, a 20% battery charge. In a “40 minute drive” the increase in battery charge should then be significantly greater, albeit that it will be difficult to ensure that activity on the phone itself during the drive is exactly comparable.

Anyway though your answer for @TacticalPandaLE is helpful … yes, you can buy a car charger and plug it in and use it with the Librem 5 and … it just works (does charge the battery).

What I meant to say is that if you use a non-PD source, the current limit will be set to 500mA, which may be enough to slowly charge when idle, but will likely make it slowly discharge while in use. However, even for non-PD sources you can raise that limit, but it needs to be done manually.

Yes, that’s true. Generally, charging speed is limited by two factors - charge level and input current limit (which is negotiated via PD and defaults to 500mA for non-PD sources). Maximum charging current is around 1.5A. If input current limit is high enough to provide enough current to power the phone and charge at maximum current, it means you’ll be able to charge at full speed.

Not a GUI, but all these things (and more) can be checked via /sys/class/power_supply.


Yes, that’s what I am doing but I hesitate to tell other people to do that, as that would be the blind leading the blind.


Dumb question from the un-initiated, what is PD?


Thanks, that helps. :+1:

Wouldn’t it make sense to split the topic? All this about charging was off topic. This topic is about delays in @aipei’s Librem 5 USA delivery and the associated communication with Purism.


Where’s the fun in that? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The base topic has, for a the moment, died off. We’ll swing back on topic when @aipei or another L5 USA purchaser, like myself, comes back with new information. We’re just keeping the seat warm for him until he gets back.


I originally pre-ordered my Librem 5 on 2019-04-05. When batches were announced on 2019-09-18, I got put into Evergreen, which was my last choice, but hey, I’m patient. When the USA model was announced, I immediately upgraded my order. I asked for an ETA in a support email on 2020-11-12, and I was told I should expect to receive it in 2021-01 — about seven months ago. As of today, I still have not received it, though I have finally received an email asking me to confirm my shipping address. (Very exciting!)

I know time estimates are hard, especially in hardware, and especially given the setbacks. Sure. But time estimates are not supposed to be honest assessments. They’re about expectations manaegment. The “honest” time estimate generally happens to actually be insanely optimistic. Always under-promise and over-deliver. If I had been told to expect the device sometime within the next ten years, I’d be impressed to receive it in less than five.

If it were me setting the shipping estimate for new orders, I’d say sometime within the 2020s. The details of current manufacturing expectations are irrelevant.


Hi @bryankaplan

I don’t disagree with the rest of your post, but when did you receive your shipping email for L5-USA? I have a friend who upgraded to that, and it is exciting that the L5-USA line is moving again.

Not to mention I am also considering upgrading to it :slight_smile:

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Two days ago. That’s what prompted me to start reading the forums.


Congrats and thanks for the update!

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It is now the first of September.
I have not received any notification as of yet.

Currently almost 4 weeks into the 6 to 8 week wait time provided 07/08/2021.
13 weeks since June 05, when 6 to 8 weeks was initially advertised.


Same. I’m about 2 months into that “month or so” email I received beginning of July. Positive note, phones are at least shipping out, according to previous posts on this thread.