Librem 5 USA shipping

Gonna bump this one back to the top of the pile. We have now entered the 3Q 2021, once again passing Purism’s estimates of achieving shipping parity and feeling no closer to receiving my phone. Hopefully, we’ll receive some good news with the next monthly update.


So, I sent an email to Purism today asking about the status of my order, here is their response.


Sadly we were not able to start shipping when we planned, hence that estimate did not come true. As things stand now we will have enough devices manufactured to fulfill all Librem 5 USA PRE-orders within next month or so. We will send a pre-shipment email to you to confirm your address a week or two before your pre-order is ready to ship.

As always, we are grateful for your support and patience!


“Within the next month or so.



Is it, even if you knew what the policy was when you ordered? According to your post history you only ordered the phone in the past couple of months, well after the current refund policy went into effect.

Does the ACL apply to foreign companies that you deal directly with?

In any case, the ACL makes clear that your rights in a “change of mind” situation are limited.

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About what I predicted a week ago:

I hope Purism changes their strategy here. Please, only provide real and honest estimates, even if that sounds like, “we don’t know when we will reach shipping parity, but likely not within the next 8 months.”


So you’re filing a complaint saying Purism didn’t ever intend to supply your phone? That seems misguided at best. Purism is likely not at fault under this standard because of this part:

This part of the law is not intended to cover businesses who genuinely try to meet supply agreements, for example, if:

  • the failure to supply was due to something beyond their control, including the act or omission by another person

Purism might be bad at foreseeing delays, but they do seem to be genuinely trying to fill orders.

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Then I guess we’ll see how it plays out, seeing as how it depends on information we don’t have.

Still seems scummy to me to retroactively object to terms you had full knowledge of going in.

Why don’t you just sell your order on ebay?

You have a far better chance of getting some of your money that way. Because, you know, those of us in Canada and USA don’t give a flip about Australian laws.

The table that you are quoting says “possibly in Q3 2021”. So at this stage your situation has not met the conditions from the ACL that you quote i.e. unable to supply the product within the timeframe indicated.

No argument from me that $2,000 is not a lot of money.

“planned” and “possibly” are the key words here. That table hasn’t changed since the post was made in April, before you placed your preorder.

Preordering carries risk. You presumably assessed that risk, decided it was satisfactorily low, and unfortunately things didn’t work out as you expected. Your attempt at complying with their refund policy was

and it hasn’t been your turn in line yet. So you now have decided that you’re not subject to your own risk-reward calculation and are asking your government to protect you from the consequences of your decision.

Yeah, I’d say your $2,000 is stuck with them. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not like they’ve abandoned their goal of getting you your phone. It’s just going to take a little longer.

The wording is a fair point.
I personally am not comfortable holding my money with such vague terms.

Once again, my concern was that I won’t receive my email for four years, which others have experienced.

Reading their news posts I was under the impression that they were getting back on track. But what pushed me over the edge was their email to Tactial Panda and the wording “or so.

I’ve deleted all my posts as arguing is pointless. My apologies for wasting your time.

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I understand the concern; I’ve been waiting for 2½ years myself. But at this point, as I understand the situation, the hardware is fully developed. It’s just a matter of manufacturing the devices in the middle of a global chip shortage, so there shouldn’t be any more delays aside from sourcing components.


It has been a couple of weeks without hearing much about additional L5-USA arrivals. Is shipping of the L5-USA still on halt? @TacticalPandaLE, have you heard anything more about your order?

Nothing yet. The only thing I’ve received from Purism was the Investment opportunity email everyone else got. Did you notice that Purism never did send out a monthly update this month?

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I just got an email today, saying that my Librem 5 USA was shipped today on July 20.

Unfortunately, I live in Bolivia, so I don’t dare send the phone through customs, where it can take months if you don’t know how to navigate the system and things tend to get stolen. A friend of mine who was traveling from the US to Bolivia promised to bring me the phone, but she changed her travel plans, so it looks like I won’t be able to get the phone till October.

In the meantime, it will be plugged into an outlet at my parent’s home in the US, so I can ssh in (and hopefully see if I can get remote desktop working). I’ll try to convince my father to do an unboxing video for us and I’m pretty sure that he’ll be happy to take some photos of the device, since it gives him an excuse to play with his expensive camera.


Congrats! Do you mind sharing your order date so we can get an idea where the rest of us stand?

I ordered the Librem 5 on January 5, 2019, and then my order was upgraded to the Librem 5 USA on June 9, 2021.

However, I don’t think that my order date is representative. I wrote Purism an email at the beginning of this month and explained that a friend was traveling from the US to Bolivia on July 26 and asked whether the phone would be shipped by then. Purism said that the phone probably wouldn’t be ready to ship by then, and then my friend changed her travel plans. It was a real surprise when I got the email today saying that the phone had been shipped. I suspect that Purism decided to include my order in the first batch to ship, since I have been adding content to the community wiki.

Unfortunately, it turns out that I won’t end up getting the phone until October, but hopefully I can still answer some of people’s questions since I’ll have ssh access. I also have a PinePhone plugged in at my parent’s house with ssh access, so I will be able to benchmark the two phones.


I hope you can because I tried, without success, to get VNC to work. If you get it working, I will definitely be looking for a tutorial write-up from you :wink:, and at least one other user would likewise be. Librem5 vnc remote access

That would be nice of them but does Purism work in such subtle ways?