Librem5 vnc remote access

Has anybody managed to connect to their Librem5 via vnc?
I just tried using Gnome Boxes, it prompted me for a password but didn’t get any further.

@Caliga did not think it would be likely to be working, but that was a couple of years ago…

@buzzLightyear @2disbetter did you have any luck?

It works for me. I was able to install Anbox and then get MS Word and MS Excel. I used VirtualBox. Both those application were very slow, maybe because I only had 1 GB RAM and 1 CPU for the the Librem 5 VM.

You may want to try the VirtualBox instead of Gnome Boxes

Thanks, I’ll have another go with [quote=“buzzLightyear, post:2, topic:13292”]
I just wanted to avoid switching between SSH on my workstation to the GUI on the phone.

Not sure where I went there. I’m not after a virtual machine or an Android emulator. Just a remote desktop connection to my Librem5.

Too much work not enough play… Last night I installed vino but it complained of a lack of x11.

What to try tonight?



But I couldn’t work out how to get it working.

Thanks, could be the way:

I’ll give it a shot after work today.

I’m pretty sure that PureOS uses Wayland, not X11. I’d try installing xwayland to bridge the gap.

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Maybe, but that shouldn’t be necessary in this case because, as per the link in the previous post, as of almost 4 years ago the necessary APIs have been made available with Gnome using Wayland to allow remote desktop protocols generically (whether RDP or VNC) and the VNC server updated to use it.

The problem that I came up against is that the settings for the VNC server did not come up in Settings on the Librem 5, so it isn’t obvious how to enable it or how to configure it. Needs more investigation.

I wish I could respond to you on this, but I do not have my L5 yet. I ordered in Oct of 2018 so I imagine I have quite a long wait still. :+1: