Librem 5, when will camera integration work for other applications?

The Librem 5 is an awesome device, but one thing is sorely lacking, the camera is not able to be called by something like Firefox or Jitsi Meet. It’s one of the biggest things holding me back from adopting the device 100% and dropping Android. If it helps, it shows up as NXP Camera or something of that nature in Firefox when selecting the camera…


I hope so. Since the last Dino-Update start that support for libcamera.

I think it will be solved soon. Did not test this and i am not sure about the quality, or how the rights got implemented. But since Firefox support a request and Setting on Video devices and rights it should be fast usable.

My camera Experience is bad, but i still use the stable one, cause i do not need to take pictures or record videos right now with my Librem5.


Purism! :wink:

You need to open a FR to support Libcamera in Firefox o jitsi, nothing on Gnu Pure OS side.

I’m not that sure on this. Last time I tried using Snapshot (GNOME camera candidate) it did not work on the Librem 5. It is using libcamera.

Let is ask to @dcz for some feedback

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I think the camera support has to get out of developer mode first, is that considered Alpha still? Once the OS fully implements its support and other applications can access it by default, or call the camera by default then more apps can access it. Currently none do that I am aware of, other than milipixels.

It’s the wrong way to go. Matrix client Element also has no access. But it has access to any USB-Webcam. I’m sure Purism just needs to make the cameras visible as typical “webcam” to the apps and all will have access. I just don’t know how it exactly works behind the scene.

However, I’m sure that will come. Saw a video with people from Purism and Gnome working together on back-end and explained the roadmap to go - with software access and app-rights to use it etc.


Are any Purism devs looking at things like this yet or is it on the back burner?