XMPP: Dino for Librem 5

Dino is a fancy XMPP Client for GTK & Phosh, so i created a new and dedicated thread to track all development of Dino for Librem 5.

New version:

dino 0.4.3 just got released with some exciting improvements. 

1. Several fixes for touch input, making audio/video calls actually usable
2. Fixes for video support so devices with #libcamera / #pipewire 
3. The app is now recognized as mobile friendly on #Phosh
4. Stricter #Flatpak sandbox - no device/all any more

The new version is available on #Flathub and lots of distro repos.

Hello: I just looked at version 0.4.3 is not in Flathub. Am I crazy? I also tried to update/upgrade and it says my version (0.4.2) is the most current version.


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Yeah version 0.4.3 is not available yet, i compiled manually but it is not work like expected because byzantium ship old gtk4 version. I hate Flatpak because brake libs from stable base.

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You could build the Flatpak by yourself instead.