Librem 5 with USB Hub is amazing!

I finally connected my L5 to a USB Hub I got from Twelvesouth
It worked excellent for a while.
It connected to a HDMi monitor
Bluetooth mouse
mechanical keyboard EZ Plank
And it even looked like it was charging.
Firefox ESR worked very fast
I installed an internet radio - very pleased
Bluetooth Jabra headphones connected very well - much better than my Librem 13 does
Had a really good experience.
The only things:
Suddenly it all died - possibly to do with not sufficient charging from the Hub?? even though the red dot was there all the time(meaning its charging??)(now the charging light changes repeatedly from red to magenta to red again?)

It was actually enjoyable.


Thank you for letting us know.
Video output is @ 30 Hz:

but I’m looking for 60 Hz

Sounds good (the first part, I mean) :smiley:

As for the rest, I’d suggest testing after removeíng the hub and recharging with the Purism charger, just in case, and see if that gets it to full. Then re-try but open the Power Manager to see what it says about the L5’s charge when you use it. Maybe the hub’s own power is not providing enough for all the devices…?

Before that, thoug, the LEDs, see: (contact Purism support). Not sure about magenta - maybe it’s a combination of blue (charging + notification/message)?

Sure (not sufficient charging to the Hub) … in accordance to manufacturer link (second post here) max. pass-thru USB-C PD charging should not exceed 85W (if 100W charger used)!? Meaning (to me) that this particular hub itself eats 15W (at least) when powered on (in full speed). For this (here related hub) you might choose to balance with something like this 87W PD3.0 charger (20V×4.35A=87W), reliable one (ask here for “better” recommendations :grinning:, with sound name), as in order to have it functional with Librem 5 it needs to be fed with PD3.0 protocol (feed your hub with PD3.0 current, over quality 5A USB-C cable, as wrongly selected USB-C current delivery protocol might not suit this particular Hub/Purism smartphone combo). @sherab_kelsang just another thought of mine (don’t worry, and keep this hub as making you happy)!

That’s a shame it ran out of power but awesome it worked otherwise. I tried connecting it to my Dell hub at work but it would not drive the monitor only the mouse and keyboard.

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Thank you for your reply.
Do you have in mind any alternative hub??

@sherab_kelsang, I added your hub to the list:

Does your hub have a model number? Can you provide the USB ID?

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I guess that above linked one is based on this one from HyperJuice (that I possess and know well, but it is out of stock now). But still direct link to that one exists even today (with one more USB-A QC3.0 port).

Anyway, if/when I find adequate charger within Europe that might work for you I’ll let you know (key searching term(s) is (are) PD3.0 charging port (with emphasis on PD3.0) with more than 20V×2.0A.

EDIT: For example, those two chargers are looking promising:
USB-C PD 60W ("… but there is a lot of noise.")
USB-C PD 45W (“This charger is good for a cheap PD charger, it has lots of power, low noise …”)

Note: I didn’t search specialized site extensively but it is important one as gives you adequate PD protocol direction.

I wouldnt know where to look for the USB-ID
There is only one Twelvesouth StayGo model

ST-MC2TCAM-UK / 879961008086 (UK) might suit your preference if you need it soon (although not the cheapest one, but only if you are not planning to connect Librem 14 to it as well). Otherwise you might need something like this expensive 100W GaN charger with foldable wall plugs, etc.

Anyway, please reconsider to wait a bit longer for the charger posted within my first link as price suits well to any PD3.0 needs (that you described here).

Use the lsusb command in the terminal when the L5 is connected to the hub.

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I thought I might help others with this idea of mine: buy this $19.16 DC 2 PD converter and use your Librem 13 DC charger to make it, use it as reliable (some other converters might not be usable) PD3.0 PPS source. Please let me know if linked W20-100W converter from WITRN helped someone indeed. And, if someone needs (searches to buy) two PD3.0 output ports converter just let me know.