Librem 5 won’t turn on

Today my Librem 5 won’t turn on. When plugged in, I get a red light in the upper right hand corner for a few minutes, then nothing. Other than that, plugged or unplugged, there is zero sign of life. Anyone have any ideas here?

Battery went completely flat?

Try again with battery taken out?

I believe this issue has been discussed several times in this forum so I suggest using the search function (top right) to discover the actual correct procedure.

Thanks. I will try searching again. I couldn’t find anything here or reddit. I have removed and reinstalled battery, tried charging for hours, etc. I will try to find the procedure. Thanks again!

Maybe this:

Warning: I have linked to the procedure for Evergreen but I am only assuming that that is the batch that includes your phone. If not, scroll up in that page for earlier batches.


Also this: Turning on Librem 5?

Thank you. This solved the issue.