Turning on Librem 5?

I am currently unable to turn on my Librem 5. The usual method of taking out anf putting the battery back in no longer works, and plugging in a USB charger (with or without the battery) does not seem to work.

Is there a way to force it on?

What does the LED do at each step of the procedure?

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For a while nothing. I just kept unplugging and replugging in and I finally got a Green LED.

I am not sure what I did to force it on?

I can’t tell, but does it work now?

It does, yes. What are ways to force it on in the future?

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Just for the record - the usual way is to press the power button and hold it for 15-20 seconds. If the battery isn’t flat, it should work all the time. Putting the battery out shouldn’t be ever necessary.

[edit] Ah, and you need to have the USB cable disconnected, otherwise it won’t reset properly.


To add to this, we try to have an up to date and accurate description here: https://docs.puri.sm/Librem_5/Troubleshooting.html#recharging-procedure


Thank you for the info!

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Seems to still be an issue with Evergreen. Phone sometimes will turn off and not turn on again, which has to be fixed with refitting the battery. Holding the Power button for however long didn’t help me.


same phenomenon here

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Strange. I’ve never encountered that - and due to operation time between charges I am powering off every night and powering on again the next morning i.e. about 180 times so far without glitch.

@483498 When you say “Phone sometimes will turn off”, do you mean:

  • you powered it off by shutting down in software
  • it turned itself off (some kind of unwelcome event)
  • something else?

in my case it turned itself off. Maybe because of low battery, but still, after putting it on the charger for a good while, removing the charging cable and then pressing the power button for 15-20 seconds does nothing. I have to remove the battery and put it in again in order to be able to turn the device on.

If it either shut down due to low or critically low battery, or it died because it literally ran out of power, maybe there’s an unhandled error situation there. Probably best to see whether you can reproduce a problem in a more normal situation.

(It is hard though. Because the Librem 5 depletes the battery so quickly, if you get sidetracked on something or distracted, it is easy enough to miss out on putting it on charge or shutting it down before it runs out of power. Over the journey, I’ve definitely had one or two days when it has got away from me and I have come back and found it ‘off’.)

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This morning it appeared my L5 had died on me: no light, no activity whatsoever, it did not respond to a long power switch presses, nor to unplugging an replugging in thepower cord, reinstalling the battery had no effect.
After umpteen tries it finally woke up again after taking out the battery and then plugging in the cord.
Weird thing was, it still had a 26% charge. Apparantly it wasn’t a dead battery that made it shut down in the first place.

Annying an disconcerting, for sure. But happy that the L5 appears to be pretty robust and managed to rise from the grave.

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I have seen something similar ~a week ago where the phone was unresponsive, but still had 40 % battery left. How long is a long press for you? I believe I held the power button for 30 seconds, then released it, and then held it again for about 2 seconds, and the green light came on.

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With the battery installed, no matter how long i pressed the button, nothing happened. Without the battery it fired up immediately.

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