Librem 5 Word Processing

What word processing software is everyone using? I tried LibreOffice and it really doesn’t handle touch input very well.

Just curious if there are better more adaptive solutions.

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I use Abiword. Works well.


I doubt the wisdom of a 5 inch screen for word processing.

Seems the platform was intended mainly for comms. But the great American novel or a thesis? I’d want a laptop as a bare minimum.

Maybe in the future when voice transcription gets 100% accurate. Then I’d still wonder about output sizing. (A4 or American letter.)

(Although the speed in which I see the young do thumb typing seems almost as fast as a 80WPM regular typist.)

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Dats bc they tipe like dis.


For me Word and Excel processing on the Smartphone is a high priority feature.
Yes, for sure you are not going to write a novel on the small screen.
But one needs to be able to open, read and do minor corrections of .docx and .xlsx files that one receives for a quick review while travelling and while having no access to a notebook.

For þat and þis, it would be all þe more reason to bring back the þorn character.

When you see something like “Ye olde …” it is not “ye” but “þe”. The original letter was lost in transcription.


Also, some, and not just the young, never heard of punctuation or proofreading, apparently. :slight_smile:

It’s true. Autocorrect can carry one only so far.

Thanks! I installed Abiword, but it seems a little glitchy.

Is there some special settings you are setting to get it work natively on the Librem 5 screen?

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The mobile settings app in the software center works well to change the compositor for Abiword or any app.

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No. When I say on the go, I do mean on the go.
I have used MS Word and MS Excel on Android smartphone for years.

To carry a lapdock around is almost the same like carrying a notebook.

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Can’t wait for the first novel to come out typed on a phone.

Thanks! I didn’t even know there was a Phosh mobile settings app! That seems like something which should be installed by default.

Pretty rad because it is giving us per app scaling that I asked for! Seriously awesome Purism!


It’s fairly new.

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When trying to scroll text with touch does your screen go all glitchy for a while? This is the sort of issue that I was talking about earlier. Other than this I am really liking it!

Hi. Yes, it is a little glitchy sometimes. It does help to have the compositor setting on - less glitches.

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One other issue I’m finding is that when I leave Abiword open and the L5 suspends it has a high chance to bork resuming from standby. Have you noticed this as well?

You know, I have not seen that but I am not surprised. There are a number of apps that seem to have a problem with the suspend feature. The suspend feature is in “beta” or something though. Pretty new.

I mainly used Abiword when docked. I found it worked great using the convergence feature with a real monitor. Pretty awesome, really.

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Yep, I’ve been using it on my other Linux laptop and it works great. I love its really small footprint as well! Great software!