Librem Chat Down?

A friend of mine and I are both having trouble with Librem Chat. He’s using FluffyChat, I’m using Revolt. Our latest messages from Rooms like Mobian are also a couple days old.

Are other people having trouble as well?


I am having issues as well, yeah. Was down all weekend, maybe longer, for me.

Perhaps connected to this: Librem Chat downtime

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Yeah, I’m unable to log in, it just times out.

I am able to send and receive messages again :slight_smile: Looks like it is back up

yes, it is back up.

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I haven’t been able to access Librem Chat for a couple of days. I may have missed an upgrade announcement or something.

Are others experiencing the same thing? Any news on Librem Chat? Is there an upgrade in progress, or is this just an outage?

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The only thing I’ve seen recently is Announcement: Librem Social going down for Emergency Maintenance

I would say it’s definitely down, as I’ve also had no access for at least a day, though I have not seen any announcements other than the one posted above about Librem Social. It does seem like they could be related.