Librem key admin pin issues - bloody rookie

Hello, I installed Qubes on my new librem 14 but as I installed it I had to generate a new TOTP code and use my Librem admin Pin. I tried the default pin but it was always the wrong combination. I would like to change the pin, but after reading the documentation I don’t know what to do next. thanks for every answer

if you put admin pin wrong more than 3 times you have to reset key and regenerate keys on it.
gpg --card-edit
#> admin
#> factory-reset
will do factory reset
#> quit
unplug key, plug it again
gpg --card-edit
#> admin

follow procedure for seting new pin and admin pin
igf you had gpg keys backup reimport it into gpg and move priv keys to card. if not generate new one
simplest way in pureboot go to settings and find factory reset, that will reinitialise libremkey and reset hotp , and gpg config.

In my case my default user PIN was not 123456 as in documentation, but 12345678, equal to the admin PIN, I got confirmation also when I changed both PINs.

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