Librem Mini video out on USB-C

It’s probably a dumb question as the listing for the Librem Mini clearly says video over the HDMI and DisplayPort, but just wanted to confirm it’s not possible for video over the USB-C of 4K@60fps? Thanks

The Librem Mini 1 didn’t support video out over the USB-C port. See: Librem mini: Support for DisplayPort over USB-C?

I don’t know about the current Librem Mini 2, but I suspect that it is the same.

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I cannot fully answer this question as I don’t own a 4K monitor, but I did test with the following setup

  • Librem Mini v2 (running Debian Live 12.1)
  • Hoyoki USB-C Hub (from the Purism store)
  • 1080p ASUS monitor w/ HDMI

and was unable to detect the monitor. This would suggest that the Librem Mini v2 does not support DisplayPort over USB-C.

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Thanks a lot for testing that! How are you liking the Mini? I’m thinking about getting one. I currently have a Librem 15v4.

You’re welcome! I really like it; it’s a potent little machine that’s relatively affordable. I initially bought it as a dedicated mini gaming computer, and it serves well for the expectations I had for it. It is also SUPER quiet! My Librem 13v4 is very whiny by comparison (enough that coworkers would occasionally glance over at my desk when I was compiling something). I rarely hear the Mini, and only when running it full-throttle in a quiet room.

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