Librem one not working

I bought the librem one subscription 2 days ago…when I log in in my account it’s blank. I can’t do nothing and I can’t use the services I bought

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But this forum here is for the L5 phone.

Yes I have the librem 5 I guess I’ll cancel my subscription

Did you email support?

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Will do soon

Hi @MidnightSun, were you able to solve your issue?

I suppose mine is a different one: when trying to set up Librem One from Preferences > Online accounts > Librem One, I get “TLS connection closed unexpectedly”. I’m able to connect to Matrix (e.g. with Nheko) with the same account from the Librem 5.

Any idea how to solve this? Is this a known issue?


No not solvable for me

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ping, same problem