Librem Social error: 503 Remote data could not be fetched

I’ve created an account on From there if I try to search for any user on, like “”, I got the error “503 Remote data could not be fetched”.

I can see toots from I searched for #librem5 on and could see a last hour toot from Guido But again, searching for returns the 503 error.

Is this 503 a temporary error or “normal” behavior from the Librem Social instance when receiving interaction from other instances?

EDIT: what I really want to do, is to move an account from to I got a “could not be found” error when I attempted to create an account alias for the account on I assume this is connected to the 503 error.

BTW, I’m using the website version not a mobile app.

I can’t answer your question but any HTTP 5xx error is badness (representing a server side failure). 503 means “service unavailable” and it is supposed to be temporary.

I’ve just checked again. Same 503 error while searching for a user from inside, using desktop Firefox.

So it’s more like a permanent error or one of those “features” that crippled Librem Social, making it pretty useless and defective.

And since I cannot find a user at, I cannot create an account alias for it, which is part of the procedure to move an account to another instance.

It seems to be fixed now. I had to ask the staff of about it. They’ve emailed Purism. And now it works.