Librem14 power management

Does the new librem14 laptop come with improved battery / power management?

The previous model (librem13v4) apparently had problems in this area, a “major pain point”, as explained by @nicole.faerber in this post Librem 15/13 v5 features and requests, that was difficult to fix or improve:

Yes, we are ware that this is a major pain point - not only for our customers but also for us. One of the major obstacles here is that the handling of the battery is buried in the embedded controller (EC) and it is really tough to get any internal information from the manufacturers about this, not even talking about source code. Additionally, believe it or not, many people simply even do not understand proper battery management - and it can really be very difficult! I remember working on a project with an embedded ARM device where the customer wanted very precise battery gauging. This work went on over months and sincerely became critical with the customer threatening to pull out from the deal if we do not manage to do it properly, We (at that time I was working for another embedded Linux company) had a really hard time to explain to them why what they wanted was plain impossible.

What can we expect from the new librem14? What were the specific problems, and were they solved? Does the new laptop come with improved power management and battery life? How long can I expect the battery to last? - thank you!

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