Librem15 V3 Battery Dead, now what?

I have a librem 15 V3 and battery is dead, now I dont mind using it as a desktop alternative so I want to know if can I remove battery and keep power adopter connected all the time?
Is it safe?
Is it necessary to have battery installed all the time?
if not then what are the problems I might have?
I know normal disadvantages of not using battery on all the time like battery acts as UPS and all that but I am interested in knowing if it might cause any serious problems to my librem

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If it under warranty still, you might be able to to get a replacement battery. I would certainly look into that. Also getting in touch with Purism support is your first and most important step.


As @2disbetter suggested you should reach out to Purism. If the battery replacement is free, why not? I had issues with my Librem13 V2 last year and they solved everything and were very nice about it.

As far as running the laptop without a battery, I cannot think of a reason why it wouldn’t work. But again, to be safe, you should reach out to Purism support: they’ve been great to me and should answer. :grin:

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oh I forgot to mention that warranty is over, thats why I am exploring this option, It worked with my other laptop so I was wondering if the same goes with this one too?
anyways thanks for the suggestion guys, I will contact support shortly but I believe it would be great if this problem is addressed here, since this is one the most common issues for all manufacturers.

I can’t offer you any certainty, but I would be surprised if it doesn’t work perfectly fine without a battery. If you hadn’t expressed your doubts, it would never have crossed my mind to doubt it. As others have said, you’ll have to ask Purism, as you say you will do.

I inquired about this a few months back. I ended up ordering a new battery off of eBay and installing it myself. The process was pretty painless and I got the battery in a couple of weeks. Purism support eventually got around to telling me that they would sell me the same battery for double price after I had purchased the Chinese one and I kindly declined. Nearly two months after installing it, the new Chinese battery works like a champ!

That’s excellent that you were successful changing the battery, although I must say I had bad experiences with cheap replacement laptop batteries in the past. Lots of premature failures and a mild overheating incident. Maybe things have improved in recent years, but buyer beware.

When I got my 15V3 about a year ago the instructions said that If you’re going to use the computer plugged in all the time to charge the battery to 60% and then unplug it. That’s what did. No reason to remove it. I couldn’t see a “plug” at first because it is so small. Needed a magnifying glass to see it. I’ve been running mine unplugged for months now.

Man I hope it doesn’t, you know, imply a bigger issue. A laptop plug is just one thing.
Easy to service.

The connector to the battery, not the laptop plug. Didn’t you read the entire post?

Yeah I did. Let me guess, it was for your friend, right?

You ain’t drinkin’ by any chance, are you? s3

Well, I’m not a “techie”. Wish I was but it just ain’t so. I’m happy to see that I am a great source of entertainment for you. I’ll go by a “technical terminology” dictionary and start studying my new, favorite foreign language.
Reading many of the posts on this forum makes me think learning Chinese would be easier.

If you whish to check about the possibility of a replacement battery you can send an email to: