Librem5 and Pixelfed

Could you please add pixelfed to the online accounts of the L5?

And everything else from here:

I guess you should be able to add it yourself (but I don’t know how, sorry).

What would you expect adding it to do? There’s no Gnome/Phosh integration for Pixelfed as far as I’m aware?

It’s easy enough to install Pixelfed as a PWA with Gnome Web though.

Given that pixel fed is an ActivityPub instance, do apps like tootle work with it?

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The conclusion seems to be that it’s upstream and troublesome.

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Maybe I did not make myself clear enough. Pixelfed ( is free software which uses ActivityPub and an Alternative to Instagram. So I would like to add my account jusr like i could with my nextcloud account.

I understand that (and am using Pixelfed), the question is what do you expect from an “integration like nextcloud” Nextcloud provides integration of calendar and addressbook via caldav/carddav. Pixelfed does not. Nextcloud provides “cloud storage” via webdav, pixelfed does now.

What should that integration achived? Show your latest image stream on the desktop?

I am not trying to be snarky here, just trying to understand how you would such an integration to be working.

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