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video Librem5


Most excellent! And I think it is great that even Todd came out directly to you! Thanks or the video, and thanks Purism for helping us see the phone more!

One thing I think the Librem 5 proves is that Purism is serious about its goals. The Librem 5 is a device that is going to continue to improve. That is because this is not just a product for Purism, it is a step to reaching their goals. Without this step that progress would continue to be stalled.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched a tech company do something I thought was brave, only to watch them kill it right after it is released, and often times even before it’s released.

Purism have proved that the Librem 5 is here for the long haul.

Can’t wait to get mine. Let’s hope they’ll give me an Alpen batch!


This is the kind of video that I had hoped would have surfaced a few weeks ago before I started the ‘Better Communications’ thread. Most of my concerns about the Librem 5 have been answered now (except, does it make phone calls?). If some number of people on this forum start reporting that they got their phone, I’ll be happy. Exactly when I get my phone isn’t such a big deal. The Evergreen batch/schedule will be fine. I don’t think that anyone here expects a Samsung level of performance. What the video shows is enough for now except I want to see someone (a regular customer) say they can make phone calls with it.


They stated in the video clearly that it does not place calls or work with bluetooth yet. The software needs some work before that is enabled. It also has pretty poor GPU driver performance at the moment.

The video said that bluetooth isn’t working yet. They did not say that calls are not working yet. If the calls don’t work yet, they should have said that in the video. We shouldn’t fault Purism for the phone not working yet if that is the case. But they should still tell us. We all signed-up for an experimental phone and it is still in progress. But they shouldn’t have danced around the issue in the video without coming out with it. Also, they should have shown us a real website instead of several ‘website unavailable’ screens. Does either the wifi or cellular data work yet? Apparently not. All of this is okay for now. But rather than bearing these burdens alone, Purism needs to be more open about these issues. They need to tell us which level of the seven-layer OSI model (specific Engineering info) they’re having difficulty with. Someone of us might be able to help them or might know someone who can help them. But they can’t get help if they are afraid to ask for it or to disclose what they lack. According to some sources, Purism is less than six degrees separated (people who know people who know people…) from having access to an expert at what is holding-up, getting the phone calls to work. If they don’t know which OSI layer is holding them up, they’re going to want to figure that out as the next step before they can move forward. Most carpenters don’t know how to lay a concrete foundation. Most electricians don’t know how to put on a roof. You need the right person for the task. Why should we expect linux application programmers to be experts at all seven layers of the OSI model?

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Even the devkit had a video making a call before.

I had similar emotions when I got my JP1 first time in my hands - wow, console, i see processes, i can kill them, i can restart lipstick and send dbus call !!11
So now - meh, not impressed :smiley:

Thank you purism to show the phone to someone who could make a short review / video!

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Ben Trister’s video showed connecting to websites (specifically Purism’s website). So we know WiFi works :slight_smile:

Gardiner’s video specifically stated that Bluetooth and the camera are not supported yet, but that they are supposed to be fixed in a software update.

We haven’t seen an actual phone call between a Librem 5 and another phone. But as you said, they haven’t specifically said that it doesn’t work. I’m still waiting on that.

Though, to be honest, I am considering just using the Librem 5 as a portable computer, and doing VOIP. I’m still on the fence about that :slight_smile: . But it would be nice to get off of the cellular network, and all the tracking.


Consider that this video was (apparently) in a hotel room, possibly without simple WiFi access, freshly unboxed and therefore also possibly without SIM, also possibly without a matching nanoSIM near.


Yes, absolutely. When I get my Librem 5, if I decide to have it as an actual phone, I am going to have to go to AT&T and have them transfer the number to the L5.

I cannot just swap the SIM, as the iPhone 6s uses a micro SIM, and the L5 uses a nano-SIM.

So Gardiner may need to do some work to move his phone number to the L5.

I am also looking forward to Bryan Lunduke showing off his phone :slight_smile: He is supposed to get it today.

@leetaur A mobile phone shop may be able to convert a micro SIM to a nano SIM with a special punch - the electronic part is the same, it is only the plastic mount that is different. If you want to go back, you can buy nano to micro SIM adaptors (I use these as I have to go back to an old, spare phone now and again).


As pakman says, it is trivial to move your sim even if it’s a different size. You can buy the adapter online, or from the carrier. Here in Germany, Telekom gives you the sim and it is already perforated to be either a micro or nano sim. You just keep the little piece and you could convert it as necessary.

The first time I needed to do that I just told them, and they gave me the adapter for free.

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Here in Germany, Telekom gives you the sim and it isi already perforated to be either a micro or nano sim.

Here in the UK too, but old SIMs may not be pre-perforated for punching out the nano SIM. Searching for “sim card punch”, it seems that the punch isn’t expensive to buy, and is often sold with adaptors.

There may be other reasons why leetaur may need to talk to AT&T to switch, but the SIM size shouldn’t be one of them.

I’ve already found the Sim Card Cutter online :slight_smile:


Most excellent.

I was going to say, before coming to Germany I was on AT&T. I printed out a template, and just used scissors to cut my sim card. This worked, but I was always worried about damaging the sim.

For all the people concerned about how long until they’ll get their phone, patience, it will take Todd a long time to hand deliver all those phones :wink:


I felt shivers watching this video. This feels like a watershed moment.

And if you have a really old SIM, then it might require a 5V supply! (Modern SIMs can run on 5V, 3.3V or 1.8V. I don’t know what voltage the Librem 5 uses. [OMG I just realised I can refer to the Librem 5 in the present tense now, rather than the future tense.])


Can you please comment on battery life and temperature issues. How long could you play with the phone while it was unplugged. Did you experience any heated up regions?
So that back cover is made of plastics and the screen still has the rounded coners.
Thanks in advance.


This guy’s voice sounds like if he would held hostage by Todd… XD