Librem5 in my hand

I’ve already found the Sim Card Cutter online :slight_smile:


Most excellent.

I was going to say, before coming to Germany I was on AT&T. I printed out a template, and just used scissors to cut my sim card. This worked, but I was always worried about damaging the sim.

For all the people concerned about how long until they’ll get their phone, patience, it will take Todd a long time to hand deliver all those phones :wink:


I felt shivers watching this video. This feels like a watershed moment.

And if you have a really old SIM, then it might require a 5V supply! (Modern SIMs can run on 5V, 3.3V or 1.8V. I don’t know what voltage the Librem 5 uses. [OMG I just realised I can refer to the Librem 5 in the present tense now, rather than the future tense.])


Can you please comment on battery life and temperature issues. How long could you play with the phone while it was unplugged. Did you experience any heated up regions?
So that back cover is made of plastics and the screen still has the rounded coners.
Thanks in advance.


This guy’s voice sounds like if he would held hostage by Todd… XD

Please take some scaled images with a ruler!
I have designed a phone cover (and here), but cannot release the final design until I have dimensions and locations of switches. Thanks!


You mean like this one?

Looks 76x155mm-ish to me.

I remembered seeing this, and sure enough it was in one of the articles I added to the Librem 5 Chronology.
The slashgear one in this case.


More details on Gardiner’s interview with Todd, and checking out the Librem 5. This is from the Off Topical podcast.

A couple of notes of mine -

  1. No, he didn’t get to keep the phone :frowning:
  2. This was the very first phone to roll off the line.
  3. Todd has AT&T, and they did not have an AT&T signal, so did not make a call during their conversation. BUT, it does make calls. Todd had 2 Librem 5’s on him, and he showed the call log from one of the phones.
  4. Interesting - They are adding a “heat pipe system” to Birch, to help with heat. Aspen’s main cooling control is CPU throttling.
  5. Other than the heat pipe system, and updates to switch caps, the hardware is done.

My iPhone 6s took a nano SIM. The last phone I had that took a mini SIM was my Galaxy S3.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I had looked up the SIM size for my older phone at first (iPhone 4s - which I’ve since given to one of my teenagers). I was being flighty yesterday.

So I should just be able to swap the SIM out :slight_smile:

I wonder how difficult it would be to affix something thermally conductive and homemade to dissipate the heat. And if Purism’s heat pipe could be installed later when it becomes available.

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Heat pipes are very specialized to the hardware. If Purism doesn’t sell the part, I doubt that you can find generic heat pipes that you can use. You might be able to find a metal heat spreader for another phone model that you can use on the Librem 5, but you will probably have to look for a recent gaming phone or 5G phone to find a metal heat spreader. Most phones just use a graphite sheet to spread the heat.


Looks like I can buy a small pyrolytic graphite sheet or graphite flexible foil sheet from eBay and cut it to size. I already have thermal adhesive.


I would assume that the Aspen batch already has a graphite sheet for heat dissipation, because most phones today have that, so adding more sheets probably isn’t going to help.
If they are planning to add heat pipes, then the Librem 5 needs serious cooling beyond what a graphite sheet can provide.

The i.MX8MQ processor wasn’t designed for mobile phones, so it isn’t surprising that Purism will need to add extra cooling. Luckily, this isn’t going to cost Purism nearly as much today as it used to, because all of today’s 5G and gaming phones need this kind of advanced cooling, so it is becoming a common part.


They showed a bare CPU in the picture, so i doubt i has anything.

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Thanks, but this doesn’t quite cut it by itself. Without a lot of estimation/interpolation, I can’t get good measurements of thickness, bevel and position of switches/ports. I’ll probably just have to wait until I get mine in December.
It would be really nice if they would release the CAD files of the aluminum frame and back cover.

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I would contact support directly and ask them. I think they just may let you get them.

That’s a good idea, I’ll give it a shot.

Please say if they do; I asked for 3D models a while ago but they said they weren’t ready to release them yet, so if they do I should ask again.