Librem5 silicone cover


What are you talking about? Pine64 are caring about it as purism should, not customers.


I’m working on a cooling solution (myself, just some random lady) right now, it’s a bit strange for me to expect a company to do things for me when it comes to tech. As a Free software enthusiast I’m used to it and embrace it. I’m not complaining in any way, it’s just strange sometimes to read here a thread along the lines of “hey, we should ask them to do this” because I’m used to reading threads along the lines of “Hey, we should do this”. Anyhow, I’m really enjoying doing the cross stitch portion of my cooling solution project right now while I wait for a package with supplies to come :slight_smile: Doing stuff for oneself is fun :slight_smile:


Let Purism do its job. Third-party companies / resellers would have to deal with phone cases. However, other than BoxWave, I do not see resellers of accessories for Purism products. And I don’t see MilTech products at BoxWave. Other manufacturers / resellers are dealing with Apple and Android mass-market accessories. If no one does what you need, do it yourself. Self-organizing to order a small batch of high-quality Purism covers is, to me personally, a more affordable way than doing this cover alone. Although I respect all those who can do wonderful things with their own hands. In addition, it may initiate the offering of high-quality accessories for Purism products.


I whould agree with you if a cover would be easy to find from some reseller, and i’m happy for you if you live in a big city or in a country where have or find 3d printer is easy, i’m also happy for you if you do have tech knwoledge to do it your own.
I’m not here to ask the best case cover ever made but to just to ask a basic silicone cover i could BUY from them at delivery time, to protect a 800$ +vat phone while the pine64 do that on their 150$ +vat phone, i do not think buy a 3d printer and selling a silicone cover for 5$ it’s so time consuming or expensive, or just partnering with someone else who do the cover for them.

As i wrote in another post i find a cover more important and usefull than hearphone, and probably it also cost less for them


if it’s MilSpec covers for the L5 then it ought to have a MOLLE/PALS sytem or feature a detachable add-on-clip for attaching to ANYTHING that’s designed and manufactured with that in mind … there are already pouches that do that sort of stuff but a bumper/cover would be in order for those situations where you would want instant access to your smart-phone …


Can’t, but you can make one yourself or throw $10 and materials at a crafter to do it for you :slight_smile:


@reC I love reliable, even absurdly reliable things - to keep the phone intact, even if I break into a pancake. Such covers at all manufacturers have similar prices. And if the case has additional options, then I do not refuse them.


If currently exists interest in something like this (please make sure this is something that counts at the first place) as one or more battalion commanders can arrange this easily. Rest of us can only benefit from such decision (even though that I’m quite sure that I don’t need aluminum bumpers on my L5).


Since I myself don’t even have an L5 yet, this is something I would be interested in organizing in the future if we run a poll or something that shows there is enough interest.


I was not clear, your willingness to move ahead, take your time and make something happens is not questionable and deserves my respect. Yet, some kind of very narrow specialized logistics is asking you politely: “make sure” to pay in advance at least $13750.00 for minimum of 250 aluminum frames. Well, my hope is that they already preordered several L5 phones as they wish Purism to succeed, like to cooperate with them and eventually see them as someone that can make replacement for back-cover, whatever, something adjusted to L5 (because I’m not seeing slide-in case as a good solution). Also, last time avoided to say, cannot afford something that might cause additional heating issues. Please don’t take me wrong, IMO, it is about You as a head in this coordination, and not Juggernaut.Case.


Most likely, the L5 phone will heat up more than regular phones. Therefore, the warm surfaces of the phone should be as open as possible for cooling, and this should determine the design of the case. It is even possible to provide a removable cooler for long operation with the monitor. But there are two problems: whether the manufacturer will agree to the construction of such a design and whether we agree to pay for it, because it probably will not be a housing for $50. In any case, these questions cannot be asked or solved without a real phone.


We dropped a link to this repository in the developer documentation yesterday. The designs are best effort and some are quite old, but they might help people get started with new designs.


I have a design almost ready to go, that I have been working on for a while. I am currently updating it with the approximate dimensions of the Birch design, which is the one I have the best images for. I cannot get the dimensions of the phone case, though I understand this not being a priority for the stretched-thin Purism staff. I have posted the design here if anyone wants to contribute. I have also discussed with people the most economical way to make the cover out of TPU (hard flexible rubber) at 3Dhubs. It’s all here people – just need the final dimensions for my design and someone to manage the purchase! Having dealt with this sort of thing before, it would also be wise to print a one-off test round to make sure of fit before ordering a batch.


I would be down for one of these too…


Can anyone here who actually has a Chesnut or otherwise comment on how sturdy the phone feels compared to if they were going to drop it from various heights? I’m not actually suggesting you do this, just curious how you think it would fare.


I’ve had my Chestnut L5 for a little over a month now.

It feels pretty sturdy. I imagine the only damage from drops <1.5m would be scratches. Certainly if it fell face down onto a rock or other uneven surface, I could imagine the screen breaking but if it landed on any part besides the screen I think the screen would survive. When I shake it, the only thing that seems to move is the kill switches that are a little bit loose. The WIFI and Cellular modules and associated antenna connectors might be weak points because they are removable but even if something were to come loose, I think it would be a simple matter of reconnecting/reattaching.

So, I feel pretty good about the phone. I would certainly purchase a case if possible but mostly for the scratch prevention.