Linux Mint Webapps Manager for web apps

I have seen a number of posts on here complaining about Gnome-Web and how it doesn’t really work (it doesn’t). Additionally, it is difficult (impossible?) to install web apps using Web.

The alternative I came up with to have Web Apps available is Linux Mint Web Apps Manager tool. I am running Webapp-manager, version (1.2.5). I cannot recall exactly how I installed it. I believe I installed a .Deb file from the latest repository, but I do not remember. I may have asked Apt to download it in the terminal.

Anyway, once I got the correct version installed, it works great. I can install any website as a Web App. I can download and install a nice little icon of my choice from a web search and use that on the Web App. Not every website looks great on a mobile device but using Mobile Switcher extension on Firefox or Chromium works very well.

Thought I would share. Cheers.


For what it’s worth, it works just fine for me:


Fair enough. What version of Web are you using?

It’s Web 40.2, “Powered by WebKitGTK 2.38.0.”

Hello. I just looked at my phone and I am running Webapp-manager, version (1.2.5).

I recall I had some trouble with older versions.

I just updated my Librem 5 and libwebkit2gtk was included in the list of packages. GNOME Web seems to be stable so far with this fix and I haven’t experienced any crashes so far.

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OMG with the latest webkit 2.38.2 update Nov 8th 2022 Gnome Web 40.2 pureos .deb install is back to functioning as it did ~6Months ago, those were dark times in which i lost hope - but only almost. (flatpak install does not allow webapp install unfortunately).


  1. webapps can be installed,
  2. same epiphany quirks exist as before,
  3. its fairly stable, though crashes at times when loading websites an then start searching for stuff or updating bookmarks etc
  4. no real improvement in speed or stability when compared to 6Mo ago.