List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

Relaxator (flatpak; by Alex Kryuchkov):

Doesn’t adapt in portrait view:

Landscape view works; options include:


Mobile Settings (sudo apt install phosh-mobile-settings):

(I wasn’t sure if the U-boot entry was a serial number, so I masked it, just in case) [EDIT: It’s a version number, not a serial number]:

Keyboard shortcuts doesn’t quite fit in portrait view:

Vielen dank/many thanks to @guido.gunther and @sam.hewitt! Very nice!

EDIT/Sep 8, 2022: There has been an update to this app. It now includes a control to apparently add “Widgets” to the lockscreen. It’s not functional yet, though:

The update also caused some screen adaptability loss, but I’m sure @guido.gunther or someone will fix it. :wink:


“Shuffle keypad” is a welcome addition.


Will this be part of the gnome settings app?

No, it’s a separate application.

It’s like playing Sudoku to log in :smiley: My muscle memory is fighting it [login/pin keypad randomizer] but I absolutely love it!
Never again use your phone drunk :wink: Thanks @guido.gunther and @sam.hewit!

[edit to add: it’s actually not that difficult after a few tries]

Would this app be something to add settings about HW switch / wifi and BT behavior, for instance? I’d really like to be able have them (and preferably by default) off after using HW switch. Some other ideas may popup as well…


GNOME System Monitor:

Doesn’t adapt to the screen, although it’s still totally usable:

But opening the new phosh Mobile Settings app while System Monitor is running allows you to make it auto-adapt*:

To end a process, select it to reveal the End Process button:

*You can also make non-adaptive GNOME apps fit the screen with a terminal command. Example: gsettings set sm.puri.phoc.application:/sm/puri/phoc/application/org-gnome-systemmonitor/ scale-to-fit true. (Use false to revert it.) The change persists indefinitely, as does the Mobile Settings method.


The U-boot entry should be a version number not a serial number. The shortcut page issue is common to several application. As for the scale to fit sections, it only shows applications that are opened at that moment, I suppose so that you do not have a endless list there. But the setting is persistent.


Maybe relevant for readers of this thread: New apps of, Q3/2022 - 400! :tada: | LinuxPhoneApps


It’s functional now: Lockscreen widgets

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A few days ago Mullvad VPN released v. 2022.5 of their linux app. It now supports arm64 architecture. You can’t download from their website though. You need to get it from Github at

Installed cleanly, and runs really nice!

I also tried ProtonVPN. Their linux app was problematic everytime the phone would go into suspend mode. I couldn’t re-establish network connections because their kill switch would be active. even though I had it turned off. And using their openvpn config files didn’t help either.

Mullvad rocks though! The app runs nicely so far for me.


Myuzi, a player that streams from YouTube without ads, click-bait, or even an account – the only way to use YouTube.

This app, found on FlatHub, works great on Pinephone Mobian Phosh. Somebody please try it on the L5. I expect to get mine before New Year and really look forward to using it there.

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It does work, but I cannot create playlists, as the new playlist pop-up closes when I try to type the name of the playlist on the squeekboard.

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Gnome Calendar app it is no usable on mobile, swiping gestures arent taken into account and putting your finger anywhere in the calendar pops up a dialogue of adding a new event instead of say opening from week view to day view, or viewing existing events that week or day (and scrolling around in existing events), i am using Karlender a much better implementation for mobile touch based devices

Is GNOME Calendar supposed to have swiping gestures built in? (I don’t know.)

It’s annoying that this doesn’t immediately provide a cancel option, but at least if you tap “Edit Details,” you can then cancel.

I think it’s intended to do this via the tabs at the bottom: Week-Month-Year.
At any rate, the app is much more functional than it was in the early days.

Cool. Can you post a couple of screenshots?

I have felt free to report it:


I think if you use GNOME Calendar 42 or greater, it will function much better on mobile. The version I see from the PureOS repositories is 41.0.

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same happens for me


Ups: great look, navigation, compatibility, touchscreen functionality
Downs: slow to react to swipes, scrolls, crashes on certain actions and is not stable yet.

Events can be created in new local calendar or using miniCalDav remote calendar

Submit app issues using email with logs copied from app:

Week view allows adding events:

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Oh, thank you! Right after we posted several days ago, I clicked on the “report issue” button and thought it didn’t work. I saw the next day that it had actually opened a new tab in Firefox. Then I got too busy to post for the next few days… and you saved the day!

The developer seems to be very active – several updates this week.

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