Lost touch with Purism staff

I sent in my L14 to the Purism support staff. After about a month, i received an email saying my laptop was working again, and they were ready to mail it to me.

I sent them instructions (a few emails) on how to send it to me, and that was a week ago. Once again i’ve stopped receiving responses.

I’ve emailed two individuals - both are named Joao; and the support general email address.

I’m hoping they will see this email and respond.

I was getting excited about receiving my laptop back, but now I’m back in a state of anxiety.



@joao.azevedo @joao.fonseca


My experience with support was that they always seemed extremely busy, but that they always made a good faith effort to help whenever I got their attention.

So if you’re feeling anxiety, I would only choose to feel that over matters of time – but not with regards to whether Purism will or won’t pull through for you and do what you expect in the end. That’s just my personal experience, but I imagine they would pull through for you.


My understanding with support is that they are always incredibly busy with support tickets and can barely keep up with the queue. This will likely remain the case until I work with management to 1) implement a customer support portal, 2) discover other ways to make optimizations and fix related core infrastructure/product problems to reduce their workload, or 3) hire additional support staff.

If you message me with information to identify your RMA case, I can check into its status for you.


If someone builds a web portal for purism support for you on Wordpress and sends it to your team to implement, would that be something y’all’d be good to do?

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(Speaking as an outsider) That would depend on the level of functionality. Yes, Purism needs a web interface for ticket creation and management, in my opinion. However, to reduce the load on Support, the portal could also need to provide pre-screening of new tickets via a knowledge base, (AI) chatbot, …

How much functionality were you offering? :wink:

And by definition your offering would need to avoid any Wordpress plugins that have known security weaknesses.

JCS may also be implying that some bugs just need to get fixed (or documentation improved) so that the ticket never happens in the first place.


You are completely welcome to assist with this, but I’d recommend you go through official channels to volunteer (I’d suggest emailing volunteer@puri.sm) so that you have a more direct communication channel with staff.

Purism is evaluating the following customer service portals, but are open to alternatives:

  • GitLab Service Desk feature
    • People may send email to create tickets (Purism can add email aliases in LDAP for simpler addresses) and also manage tickets online
    • Purism already maintains GitLab and there is no additional cost and effort for this
    • Notification settings aren’t 100% ideal (no notification when the ticket is closed, unless someone “comments and closes” the issue)
  • REI3 - Business ready applications
  • https://osticket.com
  • Znuny - Open Source Service Desk

My RMA is MP040224-1A

I sent my Librem 14 in April. Since some earlier communication, I have not heard recently about any status updates on:

  1. what the problem was (my laptop did not start up)
  2. what their ETA is for getting back to me.
  3. I want interdiction services when sending the laptop back to me.


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I sent the support department a link to this post as a reminder, and they should review it soon. I apologize that we have not been forthcoming with updates with you, and we greatly appreciate your patience with us so far.


I have sent a few emails to the direct emails of Joao Azevedo. I sent one yesterday, but i don’t get any direct acknowledgement for my emails. The support team is sending my laptop back - my emails to them list a few instructions.

It is impossible to tell if they are receiving my emails.


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