microSD cardreader not working

Ok, I formated the sd cards to exfat, ext2, ext4, vfat. No change.
I will contact purism the following day, if I get no further. If you (or someone else with a functioning sd reader in the librem5) have time, it would be great to see the output of

sudo dmesg | grep mmc
sudo lsblk


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@pit, as you are really ready (because I think that your microSD card, as is now, isn’t readable within Librem 5) to sacrifice (erase all of your current data) one of your microSD cards you might start here (further steps, actual formatting, as needed, might afterwards be done on Librem 5 as well):


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Hopefully the image of the output of those commands helps. It looks to me that the card reader hardware can be seen but the card is not being recognised, as you say you have tried a number of cards all of which work on another Linux system, I’d be inclined to think it’s a hardware fault.

Adding fdisk output…


@pit, perhaps sharing here fdisk --list output of used microSD card(s), from outside of the phone, might help us further. And even cleaning contacts of used SanDisk Ultra microSD (or other one) with some microfiber cloth might indeed help to be recognized within here related device.

Thank you all for your feedback. Great community. I’ll keep you posted, if there is a solution.

Good idea, I’ll try this, although the sandisk is brandnew, the samsung ones are older.

I assume it is a contact problem between sd card and sd cardreader, or a circuit problem between reader and board.

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I have to ask cause there were cases like that before - are you 100% sure you’re putting the card the right way in?

If so, then it’s probably best to contact support.

(also, please move the tray only when the phone is off, it isn’t really meant to be hotplugged)

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This is the way I insert the card:

That should be right?

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Yes indeed (Thanks!), and @pit, I really do hope that this might be solution here within this thread (as I even took BPP-L503 battery out before inserting microSD card into the Librem 5 microSD slot, with contacts facing up toward flashlight side), as shown within picture you’ve just posted.

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I now took the battery out for an hour. Afterwards I inserted sd card and battery back. Nothing changed.

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@Loki and I just hoped that we can help you. Consequently now I’m admitting that is much better that you address your microSD issue toward support@ team from Purism, as @dos already recommended here.

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Yes, thank you once again, I will contact them tomorrow.

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Lol the MicroSD card can’t be hotplugged? I am having them same issue so I decided to test another another MicroSD and they work without issue on Android and I’m just now finding this out with the hotplug issue… Can this cause the SD card reader to short circuit?

Yes, possibly. Switch it off before swapping cards.

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Kinda sad to hear that. I will be careful with future removals of my sim card then. SIM still functions but my sd card reader shows only the above in disks. I am going to do a fresh reinstall just out of curiosity.

Is it possible to purchase a replacement board at the moment or are there backlogs that would prevent that from happening you think?

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I would like to report back after a fresh LUKS image install. That my SD card reader is indeed dead, tested with 3 different microsd cards. That’s ok, not a huge loss, but unfortunate that can happen if hotswapped.

After a fresh install I can confirm the above statement. the Composite Gadget doesn’t exist from using lsusb.

There could be some confusion as to whether this command is issued on the desktop/laptop host into which the Librem 5 is plugged via USB or this command is issued on the phone itself.

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You would have to ask Purism’s support about that.

I only use pico for phone img reinstalls.
This is done directly from the phones terminal.

Then I think you have misunderstood (for sure one of us has! :wink:).

On my phone, lsusb gives among other things

Bus 999 Device 999: ID 0424:4041 Standard Microsystems Corp. Hub and media card controller

where of course the Bus number and the Device number will be different on your phone.

lsusb -v -s n:m (where n and m are replaced by the bus and device numbers respectively) will show a Generic Ultra Fast Media Reader implementing the Mass Storage class interface.

I do have a uSD card inserted. I don’t know whether the output differs if no card is inserted or if the card reader believes that no card is inserted.

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