Modem specs - BM818 tool

I am in Australia where VOLTE approaches fast and I am aware of an extensive Oz thread about this that I am following. I have just started this new thread as it may have wider applicability.

Do I need to install the bm818 tool to see my modem firmware version?

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I guess its not needed, as you can see firmware version from Phosh Settting > Modem via MM.

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Thanks for the reply, but I’m going to need more simplistic instructions.

Is that via ‘mobile settings’? Or via some other route in ‘settings’?

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You can install that for GUI [provided you have BM818] or you can use the mmcli commands in terminal:
mmcli -L
then if/when output is …/Modem/1… →
mmcli --modem=1
(remember to have modem HWKS on)

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Thanks for persevering here.

I must say that phones are not at my forte. If we were discussing say qubes you could assume a high level of knowledge on my part. Not with phones.

mmcl -L

returns me:
/org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/0 [QUALCOMM incorporated 0

Then inputting
mmcl --modem=0

gives: ‘error: no actions specified’

I have no idea what “modem HWKS” refers to.

The problem is clearly me so if you can persevere a bit more would be appreciated.

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You can try mmcli --modem=1 (or 2; the number refers to what number the modem has gotten assigned at device list). I’m not sure I’ve ever noted having “0”, so I’m not sure if that’s normal or not.

HWKS = that HardWare KillSwitch, on the side of the device (upper most in case of the modem; “on” is towards top)

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It there in mobile setting.

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The question should be: “Do I need to install the BM818 Tool to be able to enable VoLTE?”

Answer: Yes, if you want the easy way to enable it by simply checking a box. Or “no,” if you want to research how to do it via minicom/AT commands. (I’m only assuming that’s possible.)

Technically true that it shows a firmware entry, but it’s truncated. To see the entire string on the L5, you have to shrink the scale waaaaay down - so small you can’t read it without a magnifying glass, unless you have the phone docked and have access to a large screen. And anyway, mine only shows the original firmware number, not the upgraded one.

He meant the main Librem 5 Settings app, on the Modem page.

True, but for me, it shows the original firmware number, not the upgraded one.

It’s “0” for mine, also.

In addition to not having the hardware kill switch engaged (i.e. blocking the modem from connecting), you also need to have Mobile turned on in the Settings app. :wink:


Ay, I forgot that - old firmware indeed. Sorry @Brad


sound weird.


It should be mmcli --modem=0.


Distinguised @FranklyFlawless hows looking on Gnu Crimson this part?

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To install the app: sudo apt install bm818-tools
(for some reason the package name is in the plural, but the app label, once installed, is in the singular: (“BM818 Tool.”)

To upgrade the modem’s firmware to the September 2022 version, Support has said to contact them for instructions, but as they’re so busy lately… Someone (@lakei ) posted the instructions here recently. (I just checked and verified that the package names to be downloaded from Purism’s site are still the same.) [EDIT: Don’t do this without first contacting Purism Support for correct/latest instructions.]


(I think) the reason is because originally there were two apps under the same package but were later merged into one.


@Brad , if, after installing BM818 Tool and launching it, you see the following 20220930 firmware version, then you’re already running the latest firmware. No need to do anything further. [EDIT: To clarify for anyone visiting this comment in the future, that date is the date of the most recent modem firmware at this time, and the rest of the string may vary, based on the applicable region. I think it’s best to first check with Purism Support for the latest info.]


The Firmware Version value is truncated regardless of what scaling is used on Crimson, and the string itself is different than the one provided by bm818-tools, so refer to the latter for an authoritative source.


Thank you.


Thank you everyone. Basically I was trying to get around installing bm818 tools, but that is clearly not going to fly. I’ll get to this this afternoon and see what it gives me


I have installed the bm818 tool and it is telling me my FW as in the pic attached.

It gets confusing here. This is slightly different to what is current, as listed above, however, in this thread:VoLTE in Australia someone mentions that they updated their FW in April which is the same as mine.

I’m not sure if I should try and update or see if what I have is satisfactory.


You have the latest modem firmware version for your region variant. For future reference, you can use GNOME Screenshot to capture the entire screen, or a section of it:

sudo apt install gnome-screenshot
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