Module ofpart not found in modules.dep pureos

After installation of PureOs today I got two modules load error but seems no warning error

And all updates are well their is no update required it says All up to date in terminal

can anyone suggest why it says module not loaded like one below line

something like this
module ofpart not found in modules.dep pureos
module imx-sdma not found in modules.dep pureos

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I also have this problem, or something like it. Started happening after a reinstall of PureOS Byzantium in the last few months. It is affecting both a Librem 14 hardware from Purism, and also a custom hardware with PureOS installed.

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@dos probably knows the answer, although I am confident these messages can be safely ignored.

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This looks as if it would only be relevant on the Librem 5 anyway. What hardware are you installing on?

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I got answer in another thread that these two errors are related to load properiety firmware and pureos is strict in its open source policy so ignoring it is good solution
Thanks @FranklyFlawless

in this thread @FranklyFlawless answered about properiety firmware reasons am I right ?

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Yes, correct.