Monero libre donation app

As Purism is now partnering with Monero, I thought it would be nice to have a (micro)donation app included in PureOS, where you can make one-time or monthly donations to various organizations that support the cause of libre stuff.

You would set an amount, e.g. $10, and then either accept the preset, or use some sliders to set the percentage that each organization gets. (As they had it at HumbleBundle in the past)
The preset should reflect the project’s need and it’s relevance for PureOS.

I imagine this would have several benefits in addition to good karma.
It could accelerate the development of components that are very important for PureOS, especially the Librem 5.
It could also strengthen the relations between Purism and supported projects.
Also, it could be used to bring current develpment needs to the attention of us users. Like “Our partners X, Y and Z are working to add Foo, Bar and Baz to PureOS, would you like to support them?” (This is opt-in, of course)

An incomplete list of what orgainzations I was thinking about, in order of perceived relevance :wink:

  • PureOS, Gnome, KDE, Matrix
  • GNU, Document Foundation (LibreOffice), Apache (e.g. OpenOffice), Gimp, Inkscape, …
  • Coreboot, OpenWRT, OpenHAB, Nextcloud?
  • Freedesktop, FSF
  • Wikipedia, Mozilla, OpenStreetMap, Diaspora, Monero?

I guess there are also some projects that are quite important, but most people never think about. Like, which end users usually don’t really know. So this would be a chance to improve their visibility and funding.


Why would Purism partner with Monero? Purism is a legitimate company that is trying to protect privacy. Monero is an amateur project ran by clowns and trolls. Cryptocurrency should have cryptographers working on it, not overweight internet trolls who have self inflated egos. Snowden who is for all intensive purposes is the gold standard for the privacy movement recently stated that it’s an amateur project and he would not consider using it, so this begs the earlier question.

They have no technical or academic contributors of any worth. Their biggest claim to fame is being a fair launch Bytecoin clone. The only reason why they have an over inflated marketcap is because they scammed the general public into believing that DNM were using them when in fact they made up .01% of the sales according to the operator… It is quite obvious that the first DNM to support Monero was in fact ran by the Monero team long enough to convince another market to adopt it; even going so far as to assist in the implementation before going offline as soon as it was added then making off with users funds to escape investigation.

It doesn’t make sense on any logical level. Every partnership that involves Monero has never materialized into anything. The i2p partnership was a failure and ended with Monero trying to create their own version Kovri which is still “under development” after 3 years. In almost 4 years they have failed to deliver a desktop GUI app. So I ask again… why would Purism partner with Monero for a mobile app unless they are planning for this “partnership” to materialize in 2022?

My advice to Purism: Rethink this partnership before it stains your brand. They’re using your brand endorsement as a catalyst to market their sh*tcoin just like they used i2p who ended up exposing their smoke and mirrors operation.

Since you refered Eduard Snowden I guess you are Not Edward Snowden itself, don’t you?
A link with that Snowden’s declaration would be appreciated.

I guess to date monero it is not like you said the last year, and there are investigators and the book Zero to Monero will put results of that research.

In other hand @thib ordered a Librem5 using monero.

A well form argument, usually includes references to other sources.
Continue to use Zcash. I hear t-addresses work well.