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RMS latest interview brought my attention to GNU Taler.

Purism partnered with Monero (also see this great interview with Todd on Monero),
and also expressed sympathy for Ğ1, an ethical cryptocurrency (with a name that’s cleverly pronounced “June” but is basically type- and search- resistant… :roll_eyes:)

So, the plan is to have the Librem 5 sort of as a hardware wallet, possibly in conjunction with the future Librem Pay service.
(Does anybody remember where I heard/read Kyle talking about that service and his former banking related job with some insight on that?)

Now GNU Taler is also on (my) radar. It’s actually not a currency, and it avoids fraud and tax evasion.
I’ll also add Liberapay to the picture. And for completeness’ sake: Brave BATs with the rather limited scope of anonymously donating to content creators.

I guess my question is, how do all those things play together, and do they rather compete or complete each other? What are your thoughts?

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The closest thing I have for that is this Purism blog post on the subject from two years ago.

I haven’t heard of GNU Taler but am glancing through the docs now. Thanks for making me aware!

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hi @Caliga do you have news on this topic ?

my understanding is that this is to act as a middle-man of sorts between the Patron and the content-creators ?

i believe this relevant in the context of crypto-currency and how this is currently carried out … the majority of crypto-mining happens on closed-hardware even if the crypto algorithm is free-software …