Much slower Librem One Chat?

Has anyone else noticed that, as of late, Librem One chat is slow to respond to receiving massages and posting messages? I mean, significantly slow.

I noticed this before as well. It was so bad I stopped using it. It got better, but I still haven’t been using it regular so I can’t speak to the current state.

Possibly a problem with the server(s) running it.

Thanks for the heads up. We had some federation issues over the weekend and reboot the system yesterday. We’ll see what’s going on today.

While this topic is up, I will also chime in. i find both Librem chat and mail flakey. I don’t use any other parts of the suite. What started out with the promise of me switching all of my mail for example to has not happened. Mail being slow to arrive, some mail not arriving, endless fucking around with ports - after getting it right with my vpn, now it wont send via the vpn…again…too hard man. Librem chat last weekend was virtually unusable and had us using bloody text msgs.
Unfortunately these are not new problems nor are they infrequent. I don’t know these things are run but librem just dont have it happening for me. My yearly sub is due soon which I will have to renew simply as a function of the people I convinced to come over. I would have thought that these bugs would be ironed out but obviously not. For my money it gets a 2/5 rating. All this while I sit patiently waiting for an L5 ordered god knows how long ago (with piss poor comms about the status of this project) and the revealing of the wifi performance on the laptops just as I almost bought one. That was dodging a bullet ( hello system76)
People will remind me of the Purism mission and ideals, yeh great. I know. That’s why Im here. But maybe their small workforce is spread too thin.
An addendum here is that just talking to my wife about these issues. A friend sent her an email on Saturday and it arirved as I was typing this. Thursday morning. Sometimes they just dont materialize. I mean…really?

I have never had an issue with email arriving late. There have been whole outages for some hours (then there may be a backlog), but never late.

What country are you in? Maybe there is a gov’t man in the middle with a lazy night shift operator not forwarding your intercepted traffic fast enough?

Specially on weekends, even gov’t operators have to “work from home” now.


I’m in Australia. As I said, this issue has been there for ages but I’ve never posted about it. It was this post that prompted me. I’ve virtually written off Librem Mail as an alternative to my telstra email and delays in librem chat don’t impact ME that much, but my friends complain a lot. I don’t know how this stuff works but it ain’t working as good as any chat I’ve ever used which has been whatsapp back in the early days. then telegram, then signal, now librem. Librem just doesn’t cut it.
Yes, I could contact support and I have at times, but I don’t find that their solutions last. The port issues in Librem Mail is a classic here. I can get it right and working with my vpn, and then it stops and I have to muck around with it again. Its all just a bit hard for things that should just work.
I take it that it was a joke about some guy working from home and being asleep at the helm?

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You sound disillusioned and so probably not that motivated to spend time investigating but …

in this scenario, you should study the mail headers that will trace the email from its source to its destination, showing the time along the way. With a bit of work (e.g. converting time zones without stuffing up :slight_smile: ), you can find out where the delay was introduced.

As far as the ports for using the Librem mail service go, can you point me at a Purism document or FAQ entry that tells you what the config is supposed to be?

Assuming that the Librem mail (inbound and outbound) is using TLS (SSL), it may be acceptable to you to have the mail bypass the VPN.

You think that was a joke? :joy:

Yes it was a joke. To make it worse just add: “Once they start using Reservists, intercepted email will only be delivered on one weekend a month.”

The thing about email is I never changed my email in my Account settings to I use a different one. It occurred to me that if I miss my monthly payment (I’m not on yearly yet), I won’t be able to use a deactivated email account to log on and make a payment, a Catch-22 if you will. (That’s another joke.)

Thanks for the joke…a bit early it was, and truth is stranger than fiction nowadays :slight_smile:

There is a purism document that I have at home, not here at work that has a bunch of alternatives to try with regard to ports and encryption etc. Its a difficult document to find. I had it the first time I mucked around with this stuff, I then got things going, then didn’t save the doc. When things went awry next time I couldn’t find the document and I got a link from purism support. It just gives alternative ports, encryption etc. I’ll dig it out tonight and hopefully I saved the link, but most likely I copy/pasted them into a text or libre doc.

Maybe someone from the the support team is reading this and can post a link?

The email that I was talking about was sent from someone who live three hours away and was via telstra, our biggest (and most reliable IMHO) ISP. I have the Librem part of the transaction as prime suspect I’m afraid.

The mail headers would give fact however.

Even if the problem is at the Purism end, it might shed light on whether the problem is in delivery to the mailbox inside Purism or the problem is in making the email available from the mailbox to the mail client.

What mail client is being used here (by your wife)?

Saturday to Thursday is clearly unacceptable. So perhaps, as you are paying for this service, you should formally contact Purism support and provide the mail headers, for a “please explain”. Otherwise I am happy to take a look at the headers if you message them to me privately.

It is possible that there was an outage (breakage) that lasted much longer than usual due to the Easter break.

@Richard It got better for about a day. Now, both my Librem Chat and Riot clients are not fun. I’m going over to in hopes that I can have a conversation with someone about it, since these are the Forums and not a support channel. Thanks for you response.

Just to keep it bubbling. I had a burst of messages from one of my friends that she wrote and “sent” during the day, one from 8.00am. All three arrived together just before 5.00pm. Delays like this have typified things for me for a while now.

If you don’t report it, they can’t fix it.

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As I said in a previous post. I have reported this, and fucked around with it for hours. At some point in my life at least, I say to self, self, do you want to go another round? I wait usually a day or two at least for support. I then get it right (usually with settings that have not worked before, but now do for some inexplicable reason) over a period of days if I’m lucky, usually a week plus with the 2/3 day turnaround with purism support replies. They don’t appear to start work on an issue and then stay with you. They usually leave you a while as they do something else. And then, this is what shits me, I get it right and then here I am at a later date presenting as a whinger talking about the problem that has returned. And its not just me.
I have a reliable email provider with telsra, who I was desperate to leave behind but cant just now. The social chat thing IS a pain as it affects more than me, but I can try and drag them to riot now.
Not enough hours in the day mate. That’s the deal.

I have tried my hardest to love purism. I really have. I watched the laptop feedback for over a year, but the wifi performance drove me to system 76 along with numerous reports of sluggish support, no basic spares etc. Then, the above issues, but Im still in for the phone despite not a word over a long period of time about a modem variant for Australian regional areas. I gave up asking about this despite reports from purism that is was "a high probability ". No word for ages.
So I’m trying sweety. Having problems with our chemistry at the moment.

Thanks for the feedback Brad and sorry for any delays on our part. Are you having issues with our turn around when contacting us through Librem Chat or when you send an e-mail to

Its always been via the proper support channel. I don’t have the time nor energy for it now. A comment on the modem I mentioned above would be nice though, a hijack of the topic, but nice nonetheless.

The following may have no bearing on your issues but…

I recall a similar type of incident that used to occur to me. I had a system that sent a couple thousand emails a night, mostly invoices and sales orders. Every so often I would get email bounces, usually over a weekend. It was usually an invoice or a sales order sent to a small or medium size biz with their own email server and one or two IT personnel (who would never admit anything was wrong, especially if they had two dueling relays inside their firewall, looping that email into an infinite hole), Anyway the small biz email server would invariabley be down for the weekend. And their local IT guy would also be off fishing that weekend. The bounce from our exchange server would say it would keep trying for 3 days before giving up.

This should have nothing to do with your situation. I’m just pointing it out it “could” happen, if some relay server in the middle is down.

As always, I don’t speak for Purism, but you will note that there has been a change from a modem that would have been a problem in (regional) Australia (Gemalto) to actual released phones with a different modem that should be better in (regional) Australia (Broadmobi).

So, best case scenario, all the Broadmobi modem variants have the same interface and work the same so it works for you / Purism out-of-the-box.

That said, they may still have to test out the variant that will work best in (regional) Australia, and there may be other regulatory hoops to jump through (I don’t know - just speculating). Perhaps “high probability” doesn’t mean “high priority”.

If you want an official answer then you should use an official channel.

Thanks for tip about the official channel. Got it. Thanks for policing it after I qualified it in my post. You clearly haven’t been following the modem and regional oz. Just leave it.

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When you say slow, do you mean a minute+ to refresh a chat? Just signed up today.