My first week of using the L5, Pics and questions

Thanks for the feedback. And have you tried it in Yubico Authenticator?

I believe to use it in KeePassXC it may have to be configured properly, which yours might not be, i.e. to provide a Challenge-Response slot that KeePassXC can recognize.

The touch button is just emulating a USB keyboard, so no surprise that this is working.

Even though the yubikey authentication is installed…i cant get it to open. However, the Yubikey personallization does seems to function (or at least read my key).

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It’s supposed to - it’s tied to a kill switch though, was that toggled off?

no the switch is on…ive played with the toggles trying to figure it out…

That stinks… I wish I had mine to see stuff like this and troubleshoot, but I won’t get mine for months. :frowning:

I had problems with bluetooth and did this:
After contacting the support team, they may ask you to do steps similar to the following:

  1. Get a more modern firmware from a repo. We have listed here on this forum to use , but the support team pointed me to a fork using the command wget . It might be beneficial to try one if the other doesn’t work.
  2. Create a firmware folder on your phone if it doesn’t exist already: sudo mkdir /lib/firmware .
  3. Move the newly downloaded firmware, using sudo mv -t /lib/firmware RS9116_NLINK_WLAN_BT_IMAGE.rps
  4. Reboot the phone.
  5. Attempt to turn on Bluetooth in the settings.
  6. If trouble occurs, open a terminal, and save the dmesg for he support team: for example, I did sudo dmesg > dmesg_new_firmware.txt .

I found this in this post Bluetooth support for Librem 5 now I can connect my earphones but no the bluetooth mouse that isn’t showing up.


I have not had a chance to try the fix yet, but upon researching i found the following command that should allow keepass to read the yubukey.

sudo udevadm trigger


That fix works for bluetooth.

Also here is a screen shot of some apps installed.


Thanks for sharing this information.

Figured out auto rotate as well tonight.


Thought I would share a few more pictures. So far the download speed on the phone when connected to wifi is pretty slow…not sure why (compared to other phones in the house (Apple/Android).
Cellular icon and functionality cuts out from time to time…Not sure why and I cant put any trends together for when it does it or comes back to life.


Wait, I just noticed - two external monitors? Are they both really driven by the L5? Are they displaying the same image (cloned)? What’s the output of wlr-randr when both are connected?


Yes displayed from the L5. Im using a Dell Docking station, of which has an HDMI connection to one monitor and a display port to the other monitor. The Dell Dock powers the L5 via USB-C connection, but it runs kinda hot…So i dont leave the L5 connected to the Dell dock more than about 10 minutes at time.

I get both a wifi connection and also a hard wire connection (at the same time) on the L5 according to the setting manager on the L5.


How did you get dark mode on the system apps?

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I have my L5 ocnnected to a dock for 2 hours sometimes and it works just fine. Does it get warm/hot? Yes. Is it reaching a dangerous level of hotness? Not rly…it’s just our skin being very sensitive to temperature which makes us overreact to anything warmer than 104 Fahrenheit / 40 degree celcius.

  1. $ sudo apt install gnome-tweaks
  2. on home screen, tap on the eye ‘Show All Apps’ on the bottom.
  3. select ‘Settings’ -> ‘Display’ -> set ‘Scale’ to 100% -> ‘Apply’
  4. click on top notch -> ‘Portrait’ so it displays the phone horizontally.
  5. on home screen, select ‘Tweaks’
  6. In ‘Tweaks’ -> ‘Appearance’ -> Themes -> Applications set to ‘Adwaita-dark’
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The Librem 5 will stop charging if the temperature gets much over 40°C.

You can monitor the temperature yourself.

Sorry for my poor english…
I just want to say : after one week with my new Librem 5 as my main phone, I am more than satisfyed. I am very very happy to use it. I have no major problem, and I know that, with update, this phone will be better (better than what I have already?? Wow!!!)… and he is right now better than the Galaxy Note 3 that I bought in 2014. I’ve seen a lot of people angry against Purism. Me, I say to them : " Big thanks to the genius who make me feel free of GAFAM. Thank you very much! With the Librem 5, you create one thing that we that our century need urgently to stop our slavery!


This was wrote with my Librem 5. And hey… with the wifi off, I can use my Librem 5 all the day at work without charge. Easily 8h30 without charge.


What colour is Adwaita dark?
Can I use my black background as a theme?