My Librem 5 case

I’ve bought this one. It’s well made but pretty bulky. Looks very protective. The interior is super soft, no scratch worries.
L5 fits well on the size #8 (made for iPhone 11 pro max).
Here some pictures of the L5 in the case.

I think I’ll look for something thinner after all.


Awesome looks sturdy. I have this EMF Protection one fits perfectly


It is indeed!

Please make sure to turn of all radios within the mobile before placing your phone within this pouch otherwise you phone will turn all radios to their max settings trying to get into contact with the cell-tower or trying to scan for WiFi router or other Bluetooth devices and run the battery dry even faster.

In my opinion trying to protect yourself from electromagnetic frequencies with those cases causes the opposite effect by causing your phone to turn up it’s output and creating more EMF closer to your body than otherwise necessary.


I would live to find something like this wallet-folio for my L-5 when I get it.

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the solution is to put your genitals into a grounded Faraday cage and simply keep the radio-emitter at least 1 inch or 2.5 cm away from your body at all times (or as far away as possible if your situation allows for it) and pray that the black-box modem firmware doesn’t max pulses too often …


@fiacco and @brandonrosano, I added your case recommendations to the FAQ:

@brandonrosano, Are you using the size Large (up to 4" wide)?

@amosbatto I just double checked mine is the small one, its very snug. However I would think the Medium and Large would be better if you want some wiggle room.

Another one of theirs cases works but its super snug as well.

I’ll attach some pictures when I can get them to my comp, so you all can see how they look.

Has anyone that has received their phones taken accurate measurements (L,W,H) and posted them anywhere? Not sure what case size in other brands since I don’t know the L5 actual measurements.



Would it be possible to scan the L5 phone with one of these 3D scanner type apps?

Thanks! Missed that one. :+1:

I finally had a chance to get some photos up that will show the snug nature that I was referring to the last time we were chatting. Here they are.

This one is the Small sized Pouch one that is on the community wiki.

This one is the second one I was referring to, it has a clip and is very nice and professional looking however…

If you look in this picture below you can see the stretchy material being pushed passed its capacity.

Overall I would recommend the Medium or Large Size of the Pouch if you’re looking for a EMF based case.


with the Librem5 you would NOT need an EMF stopper, since it already has the HKS (hardware-kill-switches) and besides, when you would WANT to allow radio signals to get out, the anti-EMF-material would force the blackbox modem firmware to max pulses, resulting in the battery life being shortened …

i will do with one of my MOLLE/PALLS pouches + a proper bumper when the time comes …

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I’ve tested the Urvoix belt holster mentioned on the wiki. It’s perfect, pretty snug, less protective than the Waterfield, but much more comfortable to put in your pocket (and much less expensive).
Few pics:


or if you’re looking to have more immediate access to your L5 you could look up one of the radio/AR-mag type pouches that are ‘open-top’ style … the above example is great if you need a top cover.

@Kyle_Rankin any e.t.a for a cool case for L5? this is the only piece that is blocking me using my Librem 5 as daily driver. Thanks


No ETA as of yet, but you aren’t the only vote we’ve gotten for us to release a case.

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If it helps, here are more votes: +2
(as I own two L5)

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Thanks Kyle.