My phone still not working

True; the official, curated list is short. But there are many more applications from the main PureOS repo that you can find by using the magifying glass/search button. There are quite a few of those, especially flatpaks, that do in fact adapt to the mobile screen and UI. It’s trial and error, I’m afraid, unless they’re marked as performant on mobile. I, and others, have discovered and tested many of them here: List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]


Well if the problem is hardware, not software then you won’t be able to fix it

Again, hardware.


You and others helped to do a successful flash. I see that flashing includes the kernel so what can RMA do we didn’t already do.:
I must put the blame of the still-no-more texts with pictures on the carrier.
Addendum to that, I’ll get a text telling me that I received a message but that it that it “expired” sent to me @ 1:41 “expired” at 1:41. Other times it will show a hour or 2 before it expired.

I get a ride this coming Saturday and I’m taking the phone to the carrier’s resellers (kiosk).

Yes it is “6.6.0-1-librem5”
That to me means the flash was successful.
The failed flashes were due in part to my not ensuring I had everything up to date - i.e. 2 Ambers updated to Byzantium, a “uuu” in place and solidly attached with a stable cord, plus the loose female connector at the L5 (not certain of it).

The carrier, you may remember, changed their -stuff- in February. But I still got pics w/ text for a short while. Their suggested settings APN etctera don’t work nor the old setup.
They did say, any device 6 years or older may not function. If memory serves; mobile or another chip(?) is 10 years old.

stat / | awk ‘/Birth: /{print $2 " " substr($3,1,5)}’

says Linux was installed on June 22, 2023 but we just flashed successfully so it’s not quite a year yet.


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The command stat / | awk '/Birth: /{print $2 " " substr($3,1,5)}' returns 2022-02-07 18:02 for me, which is when I flashed byzantium.

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And mine was installed on April 29, 2024 but says “June 22, 2023” Maybe that was the ‘Best before date’ :face_with_spiral_eyes: That would explain everything. :crazy_face:


I have been away on travel for a couple weeks and am catching up on a mountain of emails/notifications/etc. I have pinged the support team to review your case and was informed that they will follow up later today.


But we checked all of that. Maybe they have tools they can test all the hardware. They did say that if it’s hardware, there will be a cost - unknown. Maybe, I can convince myself to send it in. I’m still worried I wan’t get it back, in any shape, promised ETA’s fail.
It’s about trust and like I said, trust is earned and posts suggest it’s not on trusted side of the scale.
Still have to try FF’s USB trick.

Since my install date is one thing and the

gives another date, then RMA may be last move -

‘When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’… Arthur Conan Doyle

I’ll do the FF USB a try today.



:partying_face: :tada: Yea! Now we’re cooking…
Welcome back :+1:


Out of curiosity, are the date, time, and time zone in the main Settings app correct?

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Just a warning (for anyone) … when you do this, look carefully at what it says it might remove along with the one package that you are explicitly removing.

If the list of packages to remove is

  • as long as your ARM, or
  • contains any package that looks like removing it would be “badness”

then I would recommend NOT proceeding.

If this is your only problem then I think you are wasting your time.

Likely this simply won’t work until the Librem 5 grows the necessary support for whatever quirks this carrier is throwing up. That in turn might require troubleshooting from someone actually in Canada using that carrier.

So unless someone else using that carrier can confirm that MMS does actually work with that carrier with the Librem 5 … then you are really waiting until software development gets going again on the Librem 5. At a minimum you might be waiting until crimson is officially released so that you are at least running later versions of many packages.

Could be talking about VoLTE. In any case, almost certainly talking about mainstream spyphones. I’m sure your carrier knows too little about the Librem 5 to be making general pronouncements that will be useful to you.

(As far as I know, MMS is the one area that VoLTE is irrelevant to c.f. voice calls and SMS, because MMS has always used “LTE”.)

ls -ld --time=birth /

may be easier. Although I can’t see where that stat command came from or what it is going to show.

For me it gives a date in late 2023 (when I reflashed) but I don’t know whether that reflects

a) the date of reflash, or
b) the date that the downloaded disk image was built by Purism.

If you flash by downloading the latest build then the two dates will be about the same anyway.


Yes, it is always one of the things I check first.
But thanks for reminding me.

No, it’s just a super duper main problem. Including the voice. I made received 2 call back testing it. Reminds me of the handshake with a dial-up modem @ 100 Baud.
The main reason for even having this is for sending receiving text with pics , and secondary a a phone. Were it the case, what would your boss say to you if you got hired and found out you’re the only in the chain that doesn’t have a “smart” phone - just 2 tin cans a long string. I guess one could tell the boss to wait, that in some time in the future, that sending and receiving site-reports with visuals might work with a antique - maybe “will”. "will as in the ads “will”.

It’s not the only problem, but it’s why I ended up with L5; to communicate with others that use text with images on their phone.

HAL: Well, I don’t think there is any question about it. It can only be attributable to human error.

Reddit has some good ideas for normal phones, that might work with this.

It’s raining so I’m stuck indoors today - lucky Puri forums :crazy_face:

Chat is weird so maybe I can find a better text w/ pics program.

On Saturday, I hope to hunt down a carrier that says they can make MMS work on their system.

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OK, that’s a different direction to go in, which may bear fruit. No provider will have any idea whether their MMS will work with the Librem 5. I think you need to ask here for other Canadian Librem 5 users as to which providers have working MMS. Maybe if you ask nicely, @FranklyFlawless will test MMS with his provider.

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@FranklyFlawless Might I ask please as to what carrier you find supports the L5 MMS?

p.s. You may PM or phone James - I think you have his number.
10:30 a.m. - 5:00 P.M. PDT

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I am confident Freedom Mobile supports MMS, but no one has recently sent me images, and I do not send images to anyone either. I do not have your or James’ phone number.