My phone still not working

I could never live it down by selling my smartdumb-phone to anyone. The FBI have a consumer fraud site. Have you tried to get action through them?
Total disregard by so-called support (not the forums) to attend to their responsibility to customers who already paid.

By Puri Support and Puri Forum
p.s. Let us know if you start a class action.

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Re-selling orders has always been an option and Purism also started doing refunds.

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I wouldn’t want to sell this as it’s been well over a year of the same issues and I’d take severe hit on the time and money I’ve invested in it just to play 2048.
There are possibilities why it’s so naughty, and I have asked support@ several times now for a means to flash the kernel. They don’t answer, I think, because they don’t want to.
They most certainly won’t exchange or refund mine. It’s only good good as a paper weight with a rusty kernel.
Too, flashing over 8 times, because instructions and being a Amber phone and Amber on the desktop made it worse.

I also asked @JCS if he could put my issues through to @support, but I guess his Internet is down.

Thanks any way


Sunk cost falacy.


Sorry to seem dense, but I have no idea what that means. or
Sorry dense means :grinning:

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I’m unclear on what flashing one more time, instructed by Support, will achieve that the existing 8 reflashes have not. (When you reflash the Librem 5, it replaces basically everything - kernel, applications, settings, documents.)


If you need links to explain your 3 word response, I should explain I don’t research answer like that. Either you can explain what you meant, or not. Forget it then.

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Why spend valuable time to compose a cogent response that will quickly disapear into the sea of information and will likely still be lacking when there are many easily findable good and elaborate and evolved explanations available?


It’s a common term, if you’re not willing to put forth effort to learn common terms and phrases, why should I put forth effort to teach. Also, it would be unwise to take my abreviated synopsis of a term or phrase over the actual meanings as explained in more authortative environments. Taking someones abbreviated meaning is setting yourself up to be missled and abused.

Edit: to add, I don’t need links to explain my phrase any more or less than I need a dictionary to define each word I use. I operate under the pretense that if someone doesn’t know a word they can look it up, if someone doesn’t know a term or phrase, they can likewise look it up.


You have it mixed up.
How soon some forget.
Brief Recap:
It took 8 tries because the installer wanted a uuu. Installed uuu, back to step 1, start flash again, halt, it’s Amber phone and needed Byzantium - remember? Then I was instructed to install Byzantium over Amber. Start again - more errors and it was discovered that the desktop doing the flashing to the phone, was Amber too. Updated that, then re-start flash again.Again, it didn’t succeed and I was instructed to change something else and so on it went until the last tweak of tweaked tweaks worked. Success!
End result, it showed success, but it was and is still it’s old self. Worse actually.

As for kernel, I don’t know that -stuff-, don’t want to know, and only read somewhere where someone had to asked support@ how to install kernel. It read as if kernel was something that required a special means of installing kernel and instructions would have to come from support@ in PM.

Puri should make it clear what Puri expects of the buyer - a rudimentary understanding of command line functions. How to gather resources to install other programs. The selection of Puri programs (Shop, Store one of those) is minuscule, when and if the site loads.

The path of least resistance is a straight line between consumer and easy choice Apple or Google.

The cost of time, grief, learning curve, for L5 is too much for someone that just wants a working phone. It’s OK if one is into it for a hobby. But the ads don’t reflect that.


Your link produces the following advisory:
Thanks a lot!
'nuff said. CIO


Sunk cost fallacy. It’s a fallacy related to the common phrase “good money after bad” or the “good money after bad fallacy”. It’s the mistaken belief that one should, for example, continue following a certain course of action because of how much money or time they have already invested. It’s a fallacy because, assuming that this past investment can’t be recouped/reused, it should be irrelevant since that cost is not related to future outcomes.

I found that difficult to express. Here is a better source ( Sunk cost fallacy - | The BE Hub )

Individuals commit the sunk cost fallacy when they continue a behavior or endeavor as a result of previously invested resources (time, money or effort) (Arkes & Blumer, 1985). This fallacy, which is related to loss aversion and status quo bias, can also be viewed as bias resulting from an ongoing commitment.

For example, individuals sometimes order too much food and then over-eat just to “get their money’s worth”. Similarly, a person may have a $20 ticket to a concert and then drive for hours through a blizzard, just because she feels that she has to attend due to having made the initial investment. If the costs outweigh the benefits, the extra costs incurred (inconvenience, time or even money) are held in a different mental account than the one associated with the ticket transaction (Thaler, 1999).


I understand that someone may have read it that way but that is not the case.

When you reflash the Librem 5, you are removing everything on the disk and reestablishing everything on the disk: kernel and everything else that is on the disk.

The instructions for doing that don’t need to come from Purism and, if the instructions do come from Purism, I doubt they will differ much from what has been documented in this forum or differ much from what I am trying to get updated in the official documentation.

What does have to come from Purism is information and instructions for updating the firmware on the modem. However indications are that you already have the latest modem firmware. So nothing to do there.

Or to look at it another way: You can’t change anything about the past. But investments should be made based on expectations about the future and, as all reputable investment advertising is at pains to tell you, past performance is no guarantee of future performance.


The examples are also very much like the definition of insanity.
Thanks for the analysis - I hope I’m not getting bill for it. :rofl:

I feel no one should knuckle under and walk away from anything, just because of ‘fallacy’. I bought a phone based on the advertising. It does not in any way perform or do what the ads suggested.

I signed up here to learn about and use the Pure OS. Phone wasn’t even on the agenda. I never wanted to rent a leash. But I read the ads one day, and by happenstance, I could buy a spot in the queue as a gift for a friend and co-worker. He didn’t want it and still laughs now and then when hears me growl.

I don’t care what a bunch of shrinks say I should put behind me. My major was psychology. I already analyzed myself and keep me locked up where I’m safe :grin:

~s the ghost

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Except that it does. Yours doesn’t, apparently.

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Thanks. Then no use holding on to the RMA.

Can Chat(ty) be uninstalled and re-installed?

Too, I know the camera was update recently with a close resemblance to auto-set light, focus etcetera. Can that update be installed? I’ve sort of been waiting for some update, and they come, but the camera needs manual setting using micro-sliders that don’t slide very well.

Thanks - for a while there, I thought you were afraid of ghosts. :grinning:

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Sorry to disagree, but it’s not a device that any kid could use, not without learning commands and I note there are terms “will be” meaning one day, not today. Too, “…will include non-soldered, easily serviceable batteries that you can order.” it is missing ‘but only in the USA’. “Real Convergence”. Nope. The OS doesn’t even recognize the dock it sells! And it’s not that easy to ‘converge’.
and “Vivante GC7000Lite GPU in the Librem 5 provides a lot of 3D”.
Now that I see it, maybe this L5 has a different GPU because even 2024 chokes when reaching 1024. And it’s not even 3D.

Too, " This phone was made with you in mind". If it was made for me,. I wouldn’t have to learn various command lines, and at most times, typing on a psycho-tap mini-keypad.

Art one time, the phone was really coming along. Camera mediocre but automated settings were nice. Text with Pics was great. Voice, well I still think it’s encrypted (N/C for sarcasm)

Now, after the successful flash, it’s a home for Murphy to practice on.
All I type is My opinion based on My experiences.


Step 1 (Choose either Option 1 only, or Option 2 or Option 3 followed by Step 2.)

  • Option 1: sudo apt install --reinstall chatty
    (This reinstalls the application over the existing install. If this doesn’t correct the issues, then go to Option 2 or Option 3, followed by Step 2.)

  • Or…

  • Option 2: sudo apt remove chatty
    (This removes the application, but leaves your configuration files and message history, I think. Someone else here, please confirm.)

  • Or…

  • Option 3: sudo apt purge chatty
    (This removes the application, your existing configurations, and your message history, I think.)

  • Then…

Step 2
sudo apt install chatty

The camera should not be in that state if you applied all the waiting updates after your successful reflash, but here ya go:

The camera package is called millipixels, so…

sudo apt install --reinstall millipixels

If you want to purge the entire thing first, and then reinstall, it’s:
sudo apt purge millipixels
sudo apt install millipixels

Note: If anything goes wrong, you’ll probably have to reflash again.

EDIT: And obviously, it’s necessary to always keep the system updated, either by using the button in the PureOS Software app, or by running sudo apt update followed by sudo apt upgrade, as well as flatpak update.

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I don’t see the logic here. The RMA is to get your L5 “fixed.” Hopefully, anyway.

By the way, what is the output of uname -r? It should return this kernel:


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