[MyL5] Librem 5 and HDMI

Hi all Librem 5 lovers!
I was an early backer so I’ve gotten my librem 5 now. Installed a couple of things with the store and the terminal. Pretty awesome!
I remember the blog post where they connected the librem to a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard. I’ve been successful connecting a mouse and a keyboard, but failing to connect a monitor with HDMI. I have a usb-c to hdmi hub, but the monitor doesn’t detect the phone. Has anyone been successful with this? Would some hubs work while others wouldn’t?


You might check with @5a54a:

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See also this comment: New Updates: Flatpak Support, linux-image-, and more


Thanks @amarok! I am on 5.9.0, so that probably explains why it doesn’t work. It seems like I should have 5.9.11 at least.


I have the latest kernel so I guess I just misunderstood that 5.9.11 was referring to the kernel version. It seems like the 5.9.11 apt package refers to the 5.9.0 Linux kernel version.

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@Jonas, I’m confused. If you have Evergreen, you probably have a kernel that is more recent than 5.9.0. What does sudo uname -a show you?

Yes, I have an evergreen. This is my output:

Linux pureos 5.9.0-1-librem5 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Dec 4 00:35:48 PST 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux

@amosbatto, and it is updated to the latest software both according to apt and the store. Do you know how to confirm it’s an evergreen via some terminal command? That’s what it should be at least. And what kernel version should I have?

Interesting. People are using more recent kernels on this thread.

A tested adapter which is working:


Hi @Cc281080,
I added your USB-C hub to the list of Tested Accessories. Can you tell me what ports you have tested on the hub and is there any extra info that you want to add?

I tested USB-A, HDMI and Ethernet. Didn’t test Power Delivery as it is currently not supported in Librem5 (as far as I know).
USB-A only with Keyboard & Mouse which we’re connected through a USB hub. (So no speed tests)

All tested worked as expected. (No manual settings were necessary)

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For various reasons, uname on the Librem 5 ends up reporting a 5.9.0 kernel, if you want the current kernel you are using, run this instead:

dpkg -l linux-image-librem5

Mine is:
linux-image-librem5 5.9.12+librem5.1 arm64 Linux kernel for the Libre
m 5 and its devkit

I have the 5.9.12 kernel version as well according to the dpkg output. I have tested two hdmi devices without success so far. One called eStuff without power delivery I think. The other one I don’t know which one it was. Ill find that out. Is it likely that my hdmi hub will work when power delivery has been included in the librem 5 kernel? I read something about that somewhere but can’t remember where.

I couldn’t predict whether your particular device will work with the next kernel revision if it doesn’t work now. I just know that we are working on a future kernel release that is supposed to improve compatibility with a larger group of devices.