[MyL5] Librem 5 arrived. Where is file explorer? Certification issues

Actually, I would think most people will run in this Date & Time, Timezone issue that prevents the update. A friend of me had the same issue. Fortunately, I read about it previously so that I could help him.

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September 11 2017
That’s the date
You may enter it on my behalf


Many people are always clamoring for videos, so you will definitely be popular on the web.

Don’t forget to mention this forum, because it seems a lot of people on reddit aren’t aware they can find information and media here.


As I said I think I’ll do some more videos - unfrotunately they may not be very pleasing for Purism - as my initial experience is that this device needs lots of work done.
I am not being negative - I support Purism with all my heart.
But hey - i just spent a lot of time with Lollypop trying to listen to an MP3 from my Nextcloud account - and some tracks played others just didn’t.
But I am very optimistic


go for it !!!


Will do
Yes I was one of those people wanting videos.

i think I am such a normal guy that I will just show my experience.
And even though it amy not be very falttering to Purism I will always do it wiht a posistive air because I am a great supporter of Purism.


I don’t think they mind. But I would recommend trying to find answers here if you encounter something that’s not working. It may be a simple fix.


Plus, in the absence of knowledge, posters in the Purism subreddit sometimes just start spewing nonsense and factual inaccuracies.

Fortunately @dos and @amosbatto are there to enlighten them.

Well, that wouldn’t be a Purism problem. It would be the Lollypop problem, savvy?

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yes of course.
We are all in this together.


The way I see it is - if its available its Purism.
This is Purism’s responsibility.
It didn’t occur to me to think ahh this is GNOME issue.
I just thought to myself it is an OS issue = Purism.
Just saying

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You could ask @gusnan about it. I think he said he maintains Lollypop.

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thanks. I will. Shall I send him a DM or shall I open a discussion and mentinon his name??

I would start a new topic, in case others have the same issue. That will make it easy to find an answer in the future.

Edit: you can “@” him, so he notices it.

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This is for another day.
Thanks for all your help.


I have noticed this topic, no need to message me. Could you run Lollypop from a terminal, and see if it prints anything there when the problem appears for you? Even better would be if you run it using the command line “lollypop -d”, which would enable debug, for more verbose output.


hi @gusnan
thanks for popping up.
I’ll try it tomorrow.
At the moment my actual problem is - I have mp3 files in my nextcloud account.(connected via gonme online accounts)
i can see the files
when i select the files some play some don’t?
i do not know how to import files to lollypop from my nextcloud music folder.

Digressing slightly but this seems an inappropriate default to me. Is it really necessary to update the time every half hour? I guess until we know how accurate the timekeeping is on the Librem 5, we can’t say for sure but …

This default is nothing to do with Purism or PureOS. I would guess it comes from Debian.

Anyway, on my systems I change that in /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf with the items being PollIntervalMinSec and PollIntervalMaxSec and you should be able to set them to the same value, whatever larger value you choose. (At this stage I am just assuming that that is the right config file on a Librem 5.)

It could be argued that if you are out and about, and the cellular modem is not killed then having such a short polling period has privacy implications.

Yea i’ve noticed that too, on the other hand with +6ppm it still shouldn’t be an issue

I’m running Lollypop on linux mint rn on my laptop and it does have issues, so it’s not a Librem 5 thing there.