[MyL5] Librem 5 for sale

I just took delivery of a Liberm 5 and I no longer have a need of it. I thought I would offer it for sale here first…

I’m sure you will be bombarded with offers, but may I ask a bit of info…?

  • Why no need?
  • Did you test it? Any opinions?
  • Which modem(s)?
  • Which country or continent?
  • Can you provide pics?
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The most important question is: Which batch of the Librem 5?


True, “Just took delivery…” could mean arrival of Birch a bit late :thinking:
But it’s an important enough detail to double check!

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I ordered this thing so long ago I almost forgot! I have no idea what batch (there is a bad batch!!!). No “batch” on the receipt. I signed up back when and they sent it, just the other day; NIB invoiced 12/1/2020…It is Evergreen with a BM818-A1 (N.America) modem.
I have not used it at all. I am into privacy, in the time it has taken this phone to make it to market I have learned the true way to ComSec and presently have no need of this uniquely identifiable piece of hardware and OS…Give me a day or two and I will get some pictures up.


Could you elaborate on that? What exactly do you mean. Most people here praise L5 as giant leap towards privacy. So it would be very interesting to have your thoughts here in the community or via PN, whatever you prefer.


I echo the request for some info about your setup and approach to privacy.
I’m sure there’s a lot of us with interest here.

This should however be a separate topic, otherwise many interested people won’t find it.


Of course. I think lots of us will be interested. Big topic with lots of different approaches.
I hope the OP replies.

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Perhaps along with the price??

Yes, maybe the enlightened path to ComSec (?) should be a different topic.

Not used it at all comes with the slight downside of … could be DoA.

Ironically also … in theory, buying someone else’s phone is fundamentally at odds with privacy. How does the prospective purchaser know that you haven’t received the phone, immediately flashed it with malicious firmware and sought to flip the phone? Not saying you have or would.

The true way to ComSec:


If I were buying it, I would reflash it anyway:



that or living in a cave:


I dunno, man, he’s leaving stuff in plain sight right there on the wall.

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Yes but in a cave, paper, or any other kind of recording material can’t be trusted… :rofl:

it’s relatively easy to teach a caveman cryptography as such plain text would not be a problem anymore since in ‘translation’ it would all be gibberish anyway :sweat_smile:


Thanks for those. I hope it finds a good home. With that modem though, I’m not the target audience.

Don’t forget you can order the -E1 version separately.