[MyL5] My thoughts after few weeks of use

My experience working with proprietary programs is 100% unpleasant, so I’m obviously 100% wrong. I just wanted an objective confirmation :slight_smile:


I’m a novice coder who plans to publish apps to the pureos store for free. Why? Because I want to give back to the open source community which has been so good to me. Its unfortunate that you wouldn’t do the same but you can’t speak for everyone here.


Well I’m sorry for not wanting to starve and be homeless. Look If I was rich enough that I wouldn’t have to work at all I would gladly make a FOSS program under GPL licence but that’s not the case. I have to work monday to friday and my free time is very limited. If I’m going to use my free time to make a program that others would use I would like some compensation for it.


I get it and understand that some people don’t have the time or know how to help develop code. I do think it’s important to give back in some way though. Maybe consider making one time or recurring donations to the projects you use? Or help by reporting bugs? These are just a couple suggestions and I know they might not work for you. But by doing something, you will be helping to maintain and improve these important projects. If enough people gave back in some way, we wouldn’t have the problems that you describe.


Remember my triple-A is a joke I’ve been running some time here. But then again, if they’re rechargeables …

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Firefox works very well.
Gnome Web also and allows to create web applications very easily.
Whatever the phone used, if a website is not responsive, it is very difficult to use on a phone.
Like any new device, you have to learn how to use it, lose bad habits to acquire new ones.
And as we say in France: “Paris was not built in 1 day”.
If below a link with the software software you can install, it is documented for the French but it can give you an idea.


Seems like you are not familiar with linux: you can install nautilus, or nemo, or even dolphin (and probably many more), not perfect, but does the job for me

I don’t think it will ever be for window, AFAIK ext partitions are not natively supported formats by microsoft (unless WSL)
I would not call that a major problem but it could be nice to add this feature to access the data from the home or/and the SDcard with an on/off switch in the ‘sharing’ settings :+1:
Then if your SD card is formated in FAT32 or NTFS it would be accessible from windows
Until then you can access your phone by SSH or copying file in a plugged USB stick

That was expected too, Purism & phosh have not the 13 years of developpement and support by big techs compagnies
And when IOS and Android got out, it was also a ‘wasteland’
The Librem 5 has much more available working software, but only a few are now adapted to touchscreen/smartphone use, as explain by @amosbatto, it will grow with time

The actual state of the FOSS eco-system proves your wrong
But maybe you wanted to say “can’t be full time volunteers” which is much more pragmatic

Because when your passion is coding, and you love the ideas behind the GNU community, you want to be a part of it (that’s one way, there are many more)
Just like helping each other in forums, cash is not the goal
I spent many hours those last months trying to trigger crashes on the phone and make report about it, I don’t even know if it was usefull for them
Purism didn’t paid me, I don’t want them to, but I want the phone to be more stable, so I’m trying to do something about it

That’s your opinion…
Photoshop sucks, GIMP is much better
Deja-Dup sucks, rsync is the only true way to save data :smiley:

Some people don’t see the world the same way you do
If you feel proprietary programs are much better, then … good for you, not the case for many people

But hey ! I’m glad you participated to the funding of the Librem5
With all you said here, you don’t seems to be the typical customer to do that, so I have a question for you : why did you ? what was your motivation to fund the Librem 5 ? I’m very curious


Yeah. The market.

The fact of the matter is, if the propreitary software is so evil, and the market so evil and FOSS was the solution, then 40+ years into it, it should be the overwhelming solution and massively popular to the detriment of proprietary software, not the niche thing that no one knows about (relatively speaking).

It is the uncomfortable truth around these parts for sure, but that doesn’t make it untrue.


That’s not what the question was about tho.

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In my opinion the main reason for that is the software taught in most educational systems at least in the western world belongs to that category.
even most of the PC/Laptops come preinstalled with those systems and Tools.
So that’s the Software you get used to before most people can even make educated decisions about what to use.
I’m with @dcz in this I can’t really use word/excel/powerpoint at all and always have to ask my colleagues how to do this or that. Last time I tried to create a “Din Brief” in Word it took me 3 times as long as it did creating the same thing in Latex.


I agree with Manuel. Universities play a major role here. Moreover, the companies that sell software (such as Microsoft) sue companies for pirated programs but never a University; on the contrary they offer free licenses to the Universities and of course they have good reason for this.

I also agree with people above that wrote that usually commercial programs are bad and for me they are also difficult. What is Photoshop? Gimp is better. Moreover Windows is difficult. Yes it is difficult. It is not easy because you know it. Give Windows10 to a person with no previous experience and give the same person a Mate or XFCE Desktop. There is no way s/he will tell you Win10 is easier. First of all it comes with no applications. It gives you less that L5, the L5 you do not like app-wise.

@Poseidon if you were right FOSS would never exist. I think you probably come from the commercial software world and wanted to test the waters with L5. If this is true then you are right: L5 is not good for you (at least yet).

I am using L5 a week now as a daily driver. The most annoying issue for me is the battery, the fact that it does not suspend yet. I hope Purism will come to this issue soon. There are more problems but I can live with them until they get fixed. Eg sometimes wifi does not come up after flipping the switch and I have to repeat the flipping a couple of times.


There is much FOSS that is dominant, so I don’t think that simply saying, “the market” ends the discussion. In some cases, FOSS has become so dominant, that we think of it’s dominance as unremarkable–for example, javascript as the dominant client-side language of the web. A few other examples:

  • dominant version control software: git, an open-source project.
  • dominant non in-house mobile OS: android, an open-source project.
  • dominant web browser: chrome, largely open-source software via chromium.
  • dominant containerization software: docker/kubernetes, open-source software.
  • dominant flash-card/memorization software: anki, open-source software.
  • etc…

Obviously, there is much dominant proprietary software too, but to describe FOSS as a niche thing that no one knows about is… incorrect, to put it diplomatically :wink:


The market that can be rigged and held captive by monopoly, so that average people who walk into stores (or popular websites these days) are only presented with proprietary solutions? The market that is steered by advertising rather than fact? The market that pushes planned obsolescence over sustainable solutions?

All hail the market! :smiley:


A valid complaint for sure, if you do this. It may help if you shed light on why you want to do this.

I appreciated the fact that it is Nano SIM because it means I can move SIMs around between all my existing phones and the Librem 5. It is hard to please everybody?

Yes. You are right on both points about Bluetooth and about GPS. (The GPS hardware works and is responsive and usable but apps aren’t using it yet, I believe. Ditto the camera.)

I guess this comes down to expectations i.e. what your expectations were v. where the software is at.

Coming soon. Has already been previewed.

You are right - up to a point, and but …

There is much more to this.

It is unsafe for the phone to export the eMMC drive as external storage. It could be safe to do that for the uSD card but that is not available yet.

However if you boot Jumpdrive on the phone, you can do exactly this. (I have done this and tested both drives as external storage, accessing from a Linux PC.)

However as others point out, there is no point doing this with Windows because it won’t recognise the file system.

You can export the file system by whatever protocol you prefer and to whatever platform you prefer - and that is safe. (I haven’t tested this with Windows however, as I have none.) If you want to do this with Windows then you will probably want to install the Samba server component on the Librem 5.

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I’m not really sure why you ordered a Librem 5. It’s primary mission is privacy, and if they violate that mission by trying to satisfy normies, well then they are competing in a space with goliaths like Apple and Samsung. I understand you want the best of both worlds but at the moment that isn’t possible or desirable to be honest. Linux on a phone is a really new idea and of course there is much work to be done to get it polished, but from what videos I’ve seen of the phone in operation it’s come a long way already. Maybe you need a paradigm shift in your own thinking and think of the phone that just gets the basics done and isn’t a vessel full of distractions that look nice, take your data, and also burn up your time that you could be using to say for example go outside or garden. People are spending WAY too much time on these devices IMO.


I’ve found WinSCP very convenient to transfer files between L5 and Windows PC.


While I haven’t tested this on Windows, obviously, it should work to use the FileZilla GUI client, as an SFTP client, and access files on the Librem 5. This does work with the FileZilla GUI client running under Linux.



I’ve used Warpinator to copy files between my Mobian/Phosh Pinephone and my Mint laptop. It requires push request, then OK from the other device, but it works fine on a LAN.